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In-House Lab Services

Student Health Services is able to provide for basic lab services on site such as: urine dipstick, urine pregnancy, monospot, rapid strep, rapid flu and rapid COVID-19 testing at a minimal expense to students. Other lab services are provided through LabCorp.  Services such as phlebotomy and specimen collection handling are provided by our qualified nursing staff.

Laboratory Services

Lab specimens are sent to LabCorp for evaluation and are billed by LabCorp to a student's health insurance. The Student Health Insurance Plan generally covers 90% of most lab fees and students are responsible for the remaining balance. ).

Health insurance plans vary widely. Some non-college health insurance plans will not cover lab fees for Labcorp which may be "out of network".  Please be aware of your individual insurance coverage policies and how they would pertain to services "out of plan" or "out of state". Students should call their health insurance provider prior to getting routine or non-emergent lab tests done to check for eligibility.