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The Student Health and Wellness Center’s electronic health record system utilizes the College registrar information to upload legal and chosen name and pronouns. The Health and Wellness Center staff use chosen name and pronoun during office visits and are sensitive to assistance when legal name is required for insurance, pharmacy, and off-site health care.

The Student Health and Wellness Center staff supports students by offering inclusive educational material, performing blood work to help monitor therapy, and assisting with referral for hormone therapy or surgical care.

Gender Affirming Care in the community: 

Penn Medicine for LGBTQ+ Health:  "Penn Medicine believes all patients have the right to high-quality, patient-centered health care that is equal and unbiased. Penn Medicine Program for LGBTQ Health partners patients with compassionate and skilled providers across the health system that offer culturally competent care in a judgment-free setting."

Main Line Health LGBTQ Inclusive Care 

Planned Parenthood of Media