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Swarthmore is a rigorous academic institution. As a Swarthmore student, you have much to contribute to many endeavors. A concussion, however, can put many of those endeavors on hold. A concussion can be a serious and potentially life-threatening injury. If you think you have a concussion, please pursue appropriate care by seeking attention at the Student Health and Wellness Center, the Sports Medicine Department, or by calling Public Safety's Emergency number 610-328-8333.

Swarthmore has a Concussion Team to help you navigate your health concerns and your academics. The team is available to help you as your brain heals and you safely return to activity. As challenging as this may be, letting your brain rest and heal can help you to make a steady recovery:

The Concussion Team includes:

  • for students: Casey Anderson,  Director of Student Health and Wellness, phone: 610-328-8058
  • for student athletes: Sports Medicine Department Dr. Charles Hummer, Team Physician, Marie Mancini, Director of Sports Medicine,  Allison Hudak, Head Athletic Trainer.
  • for academic support: Tomoko Sakomura, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Associate Professor of Art History, phone:  610-328-8119, office: Parrish 108/Beardsley 206

If your medical needs might require longer-term disability accommodations, then you may be referred to Student Disability Services.

For faculty and staff:

If a student reaches out to you about a concussion, then please encourage them to seek medical care and to work with the Concussion Team. If a student has been in conversation with Tomoko Sakomura and the student has given permission to share information with you, then Tomoko will reach out to you as-needed about academic assistance and the student's return to study.

For more information please visit Academic Advising and Support.