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Links to General College Information


Audited Financial Statements 

The College provides easy access to audited financial statements for the public.

Campus Construction

Access information on building design and construction projects.

Campus Map [pdf]

Navigate the campus using a printable map of the campus.

College Holidays and Academic Calendar

Keep campus schedules in mind when planning deliveries and getting in contact.

College Logo and Publication Design Guide

The Swarthmore College Logo and the Publication Design Guide are available to suppliers for College requested work, however it is important to note that the logo is copyrighted and a registered trademark with restrictions on it's use.

Conflict of Interest Policy - HR

The College policy prohibits employees from accepting gifts, gratuities, and favors which could influence business decisions.

Contract Terms and Provisions [pdf]

The College's Office of General Counsel has developed standard Contract Terms and Provisions to be used as a guideline for contract language and College requirements, including insurance. A Sample Certificate of Insurance [pdf] is also provided for your convenience.

Driving Directions

Swarthmore College is located 11 miles southwest from the city of Philadelphia in the borough of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to transactions that do not have a written Agreement duly executed by both parties.  The attached terms shall be the terms that govern the transaction and relationship of the parties, providing you (“Supplier”) with the guidelines and legal stipulations of your purchase order with Swarthmore College (“College”) for the goods and/or services that are described on the face of the Order.

Staff Directory

Connect with the friendly and helpful faculty and staff at Swarthmore College.