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Commitment Liquidation Request


Departments should monitor open commitments in mySwarthmore for their budgets on a monthly basis.

A commitment is a budget encumbrance that is outstanding (still open), regardless of whether or not you have received the goods or services you originally ordered. Commitments are created when items are purchased through the College’s eMarket Portal. These committed funds are no longer available for use because they are set aside for payment of goods or services already ordered.

The Commitment Liquidation form should be used to request appropriate adjustments be made to release or update the commitment if any of the following order conditions exist:

  • Order was received in full and paid, but invoice amount was less than original PO (price changed)
  • Order was paid directly without liquidating the PO
  • Order was canceled

For POs that have not yet been paid, requisitioners should contact the supplier to request a copy of the invoice to sign and forward to AP.