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Campus PPE Needs

Central Purchasing/Distribution Program for Basic PPE Needs

The Purchasing Office will procure and distribute all standard need personal protective equipment and sanitizing needs such as masks, disinfecting wipes & sprays, and hand sanitizer for departmental/office use. In order to request items from the central inventory, please complete the Campus PPE Supplies Request Google Form.

To support this program, the Mail Room will make contactless deliveries throughout campus every Monday for requests submitted by 12:00 Noon the prior Thursday. Please request enough supplies to last a week or longer without hoarding. We will stock large quantities of these supplies and expect to be able to replenish that inventory sufficiently to support faculty/staff who are on-campus on a continual basis. We will augment the selection of items as necessary if additional needs are brought forth. To this end there is a question in the Google Form asking about items that may be needed in addition to those offered here.

All supplies made available via the Google form have been purchased from a central COVID budget, so departments are strongly discouraged from purchasing these or similar items on their own. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Chris Kane (ckane1), Strategic Sourcing Manager.

Guidance on Item Quantities for Initial Request:

  • One (1) box per department if faculty/staff will generally use a personal cloth mask. If disposable masks will be the primary masks for the faculty/staff members, please contact Chris Kane (ckane1) for any assistance needed in determining quantities.
  • One (1) bottle/pump per faculty/staff member on campus.
  • One (1)  can per five (5) faculty/staff member on campus.
  • One (1) box per two (2) faculty/staff member on campus.
  • Per the CDC, face shields should only be worn as secondary protection in concert with a face mask which covers mouth and nose. Face shield quantities should be determined by departments on an individual faculty/staff member basis.