Accounts Payable

The Swarthmore College accounts payable team is a group of dedicated professionals whose focus is to process payments to our suppliers, faculty, staff, and students in a courteous, timely, and professional manner. They seek to provide excellence in customer service and ensure compliance with College policies and procedures.


W-9 Forms

The Internal Revenue Service requires the College to obtain W-9 forms from our suppliers. W-9 forms must be received by the accounts payable office before a purchase order can be initiated or before payments can be made. Please submit W-9 forms to


Sales and Use Tax

The College is generally exempt from Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax. Tax exemption forms may be obtained by emailing your request to


Invoices and Correspondence

Unless otherwise directed, send invoice to address shown in the "ship to" field of the PO and address all correspondence to the requisitioner. Reference the purchase order number on all invoices, packing slips, bills of lading, credit slips, return authorizations, and correspondence. Suppliers are expected to render separate invoices for each purchase order. All items on invoice must coordinate with item numbers shown on this purchase order. Invoices must show:

  • The College’s
    • Purchase order number (if applicable) MUST be included on all invoices otherwise it will cause a delay in payment.
    • Requisitioner's name
    • Ship-to location
  • Supplier’s
    • Complete name and remittance address (Note that if the name of vendor on the invoice will be other than that shown on the face of this purchase order, both names must be indicated on the invoice)
    • Invoice date
    • Unique invoice number
    • Complete description of goods/services delivered
    • Quantity delivered
    • Unit price and extensions
    • Current amount due
    • Include discount options (if applicable)



The standard payment term for the College is Net 30 unless otherwise agreed in writing by the College in advance of the purchase.


Interest Charge for Unpaid Invoices

Unless these terms are indicated on your acknowledgement of an order prior to the invoice being issued, interest charges will not be accepted by the College.