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Accounts Payable

Magill Walk and Clothier


  1. In the event that the W-9 is not using an address where payment remittance will be mailed, a mailing address should be provided. 
  2. Employees or students should not pay for College services with a personal check or cash. The payment must be issued from the College directly to the provider.
  3. If the service provider is a Swarthmore student, the payment must go through student payroll. This policy does not apply to expense reimbursement.
  4. If the service provider is a College employee, payment must go through payroll. This policy does not apply to expense reimbursement.
  5. If the service provider was previously paid via College payroll within the past two years, payment must go through the payroll office.

For more information, contact Accounts Payable Coordinator Deb Casteel.


The College is required by the IRS to have specific information on file when issuing payment for any goods or services. The Controller's Office requires a fully completed and signed W-9 [pdf]. Departments should include the W-9 with the invoice on the first payment to the vendor using Chrome River Invoice.


Act 43 of 2017 created a withholding obligation for certain payors of PA-sourced income to non-residents. It changed the filing requirements of Federal Form 1099-MISC with the PA Department of Revenue. Beginning on January 1, 2018, the College is required to withhold from such payments an amount equal to 3.07%. This withholding is applicable for payments of PA-sourced non-employee compensation or business income to a non-resident individuals and disregarded entities that have a non-resident member or is reported on a 1099- MISC. 

Any non-resident College vendor that is either an individual or a disregarded entity will have 3.07% withheld. If a vendor is conducting services outside of the state of Pennsylvania, it can provide written certification to College to have the withholding requirement removed. Any compensation for speakers or honorariums for events taking place off campus must comply with this new state requirement. 


The College will provide travel advances for employees traveling on College business in order to cover reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. To obtain a travel advance, employees should fill out a Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form [pdf] and submit it to Deb Casteel in the Controller's Office. Further information is available in the College's Reimbursement and Expenditure Guidelines [pdf].