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Chrome River Invoice


Chrome River Invoice is one of two Chrome River modules (along with Expense).  Invoice is an application to automate the accounts payable process designed to improve accuracy and visibility, obtain more timely vendor payments, eliminate "paper shuffling," and provide an electronic document repository for invoice payments.


Create an Invoice
Create a Temporary


  1. Go to How To: Create - Create an Invoice - Direct Pay.  In Step 3 of   – select the  icon for the drop down list to appear
  2. Click “+ Create Temporary Vendor” at the top of the list
  3. Attach the vendor's W-9 to the invoice
  4. Complete the remaining steps of invoice creation


  1. Click “+ Create Temporary Address”
  2. Filled out required information
  3. Complete remaining steps of invoice creation

Approve an Invoice

Delegate Approvals

Tracking an invoice

Recently submitted:

  1. Select "Recently Submitted" in your navigation bar or "Submitted in the Last 90 Days" on your dashboard
  2. Select the invoice in your recently submitted list
  3. Click on the “Tracking” button above the invoice to show steps needed for approvals

If Invoice is through approvals and processed in Banner, you will see the Banner document number in the Comments pane

Specific Date Range:

  1. Click "Inquiry" in your navigation bar
  2. Click "Invoice"
  3. Click "My Invoices"
  4. Change date ranges according to your preferred search
  5. Click on an invoice you would like to view
  6. Click "Download PDF" and "Full Report with Image"



When should I submit a payment request to Chrome River Invoice?
  • If you have a payment due to any third party (not a current student, faculty or staff member of the College)
    • That includes:
      • Payments to vendors
      • Honorarium
      • Reimbursement of expenses to vendors
      • Stipends to former students
Where does the invoice go after created?
  • Under $10k => Accountings Payable for processing
  • Between $10k and $50k => Financial Manager of the Fund/Org combination
  • Between $50k and $250k => President’s Staff of the Fund/Org combination
  • Greater than $250k => VP for Finance and Administration
  • Accounts Payable approves all invoices
  • Additional approvals for specific funds
  • After last approval, the invoice is Fed into Banner Finance and will be processed in the next check run
What if my vendor is not listed in the Vendor Name drop down?

Follow the steps in How To Create a Temporary Vendor.

What if the vendor remit address is not in the vendor address drop down?

Follow the steps in How To Create a Temporary Vendor Address.

Can I create multiple invoices at one time?

Yes, each invoice should be in PDF format and can be emailed to as an attachment.  Chrome River Invoice will create a draft for each PDF in the email.

Can I have Vendors send invoices directly to Chrome River?

No, vendor cannot have Chrome River accounts as they do not have Purchasing Access in Banner Finance

How do I submit Credit Memos?

Credit Memos should be sent to the Business Office.  They cannot be entered into Chrome River Invoice.

I do not have the Chrome River Invoice ribbon when I log in.  What do I do?

Employees that have Purchasing Access in Banner Finance and have attended Chrome River Invoice training will be given access to the Chrome River Invoice ribbon.  If you have Purchasing Access and have attended training but still do not have the ribbon, please contact, Carrie DiEnna. (link to contact information)



CR Invoice User Manual Swarthmore's step-by-step guidance to Chrome River Invoice

CR Live Training Webinars provides the ability to sign up for live webinars with Chrome River

CR End User Essentials provides a quick references for “how to’s”

CR Recorded Trainings provides on-demand refreshers with pre-recorded demonstrations