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Mission, Vision, and Values


The Swarthmore College Purchasing Office is dedicated to providing a full range of purchasing services to ensure efficient and timely acquisition of quality goods and services, creating optimum value and promoting financial stewardship in support of the College’s mission.


Provide valued customer service using business best practices to improve process, maximize purchasing effectiveness, and safeguard the College’s resources.


  • Engage the College community with respect and dignity, using a team approach to collaborate
  • Communicate, train, and increase the professional development within the College community regarding improved purchasing processes, College policy and procedure, and business best practices, utilizing competitive bidding and contracted pricing
  • Instill public confidence that contracts are awarded in an equitable and economical manner
  • Increase awareness of civic and social responsibility by incorporating concepts such as environmental sustainability and supplier diversity and inclusion into purchasing decisions
  • Create highly effective supplier partnerships and alliances
  • Support safety and risk management
Swarthmore College has a Conflict of Interest Policy through the Human Resource department that applies to all College faculty and staff. In addition, the College is a member of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) and follows NAEP's Code of Ethics.