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Senior Recital Guidelines

Music Majors and Minors are eligible to apply for Departmental sponsorship of a senior recital in Lang Concert Hall.  Students holding Freeman Scholarships through Music 48 may also apply for senior recital sponsorship. If possible, submit your proposal before the end of your Junior year to secure a desirable date.  The deadline for submitting applications is always October 1 of your senior year. 

Here are the steps to apply:

1) Meet with the Department Concert Manager (Jenny Honig) to discuss possible dates and budget (for hiring stage crew, technical crew, a house manager, and ushers).  The date(s) discussed will be tentatively held for you pending approval of your proposal.

2) Submit a written proposal to the Department Chair and Concert Manager. The proposal should include:   

- The proposed recital date, as approved by the Concert Manager.    
- The program of your recital, including estimated length.    
- The names of collaborating musicians, and their fees, if applicable.   
- A budget proposal (including hourly wages for all student concert staff, and any collaborating musicians).

3) The Department Chair will contact you after the faculty has reviewed your proposal.

If your recital is approved, the student is responsible for:  

- Designing and proofreading the recital program.  The Concert Manager can provide samples of previous recital programs as a template. Your finished program must be submitted to the Concert Manager in pdf format one week before the recital. The Concert Manager will arrange to have the program printed.     
- Designing and proofreading the recital posters.  The Concert Manager can provide samples of previous posters.  Your poster must be approved by the Concert Manager.  Once approved, the Concert Manager will print up to 30 color copies of your recital poster. You are responsible for distributing the posters; please note that posters may only be posted on designated bulletin boards, and may never be taped to doors/walkways/walls.

Honors Recitals: Honors music majors or minors who wish to count a senior recital as one of their Honors preparations must follow all of the steps listed above and register for Music 99, Senior Honors Recital. This full credit, together with one other full credit of coursework in Music, will constitute the two-credit Honors preparation.  One faculty member will act as advisor on all aspects of the honors recital. As part of the Honors recital the student will write extensive program notes based on substantial research into the works to be performed; a full-fledged research paper will be written on at least one of the pieces to be performed. This work will be overseen by one or more members of the Music faculty.