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Music Peer Assistants

Student sitting at piano keyboard


If you are taking any music course connected to music theory, you can get extra support through our Supertonics, upper-level music students who hold drop-in sessions to answer all of your music theory queries.  Supertonics are available to help with Music 2, Music 11, Music 12, Music 13, Music 14 and 115, Music 40A, 40B, 40C, and 40D.  

Sessions are held in the Underhill Library (either at one of the large communal tables in the main room or in the seminar room in the back on the main floor).  During the Spring 2024 semester, the schedule is as follows:

Sundays, 7–9pm (Andrew Karpenko)

Mondays, 7–9pm (Mark Reyes)

No appointment is necessary—just drop on in.  Even if you don’t have any specific questions, Supertonic sessions are a great place to sit together and get your assignments done.  

Please email Jon Kochavi ( with any questions you might have.



If you are taking Music 11 (offered in Fall semesters only), you are expected to have knowledge of treble and bass clefs, key signatures, and major/minor scales.  DOT-RAID (Dust Off The Rust And Intro Drill) sessions are run by an upper level music student to help you get up to speed and solidify these and other fundamentals.  They are held twice per week – each session during the week covers the same material, so you can choose one or the other to attend.  Stay tuned for Fall 2024 schedule.  Please contact Jon Kochavi ( with any questions.


Becoming a Supertonic or DOT-RAID leader

These positions are open to upper-level students who have successfully completed Music 11, 12, and 13.  During the summer prior the Fall semester, you should be in touch with Jon Kochavi ( if you are interested in these positions.  The Music Program also hires students as graders for Music 2, Music 11, and Music 12, as well as individual tutors as needed.