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Private Lessons

Solo Flute practice

The department offers private music lessons to many students. We do not have a performance faculty; instead, we help to match students with excellent private teachers. We provide a subsidy -- in some cases, 100 percent of the cost of lessons -- and give academic credit for private lessons. In addition, the most accomplished music students may apply to receive transportation expenses to study with teachers off campus.

In many cases it isn't necessary to leave campus for private lessons. The department has invited a number of prominent musicians to teach in Lang Music Building. These are performers of the first rank, including musicians who have toured worldwide and appeared as soloists with the Philadelphia Orchestra and other major orchestras, opera houses, and recital series. Voice students are particularly fortunate, in that we provide a voice studio supervised by the faculty, as well as sessions with a first rate vocal coach.

Practice rooms are readily available in Lang Music Building. There are no sign-up sheets; just show up and play. Practice rooms are equipped with high-quality Steinway and Yamaha pianos. Also located in Lang Music Building is The Underhill Music and Dance Library, which provides access to a vast collection of books, scores, and audio recordings.

Music 48 Audition Sign-Up

Please sign up here to schedule your audition time for Music 48 on Friday, September 6. Please note that you may have to click on the link again after logging into the WASE system, or search for "Music 48" under the "Make an Appointment" tab.

If the piece with which you're auditioning was written to be performed with accompaniment, you also need to schedule a rehearsal time with an accompanist (provided by the Music Program):

  • If you are performing a classical piece, please sign up for a time to rehearse with Prof. Marcantonio Barone on the sign-up sheet located on the bulletin board opposite the Music & Dance Department Office, Lang Music Building Room 401.
  • If you are performing a piece in a different style, please email Prof. Andrew Hauze to arrange a rehearsal.

Music 48 Application

After you have arranged for lessons with your private teacher and auditioned for Music 48, please fill out this application form. The form is due by Friday, September 13, and is required for you to participate in Music 48 this semester.

Music 48 Introductory Video