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Peter Gram Swing Lectures

Peter Gram Swing was the founder of Swarthmore College's Music Department (now the Department of Music and Dance). Dr. Swing was a distinguished scholar of Renaissance music, conductor of the Swarthmore College Chorus for 34 years, and chair of the department for 18. The annual Peter Gram Swing Lecture was established in his honor to bring to the campus eminent musicians and scholars.

Peter Gram Swing Lecturers, 2004-present

2019-2020 Jacqueline Warwick

2018-2019 Victoria Lindsay Levine

2017-2018 Mackenzie Pierce

2016-2017 Penny Boyes Braem and Thüring Braem

2015-2016 Diane Wittry

2014-2015 Stanford Thompson

2013-2014 Marié Abe ‘01

2012-2013 Hormoz Farhat

2011-2012 Betsy Jolas

2010-2011 Ian Quinn

2009-2010 Scott Burnham

2008-2009 Joseph Horowitz

2007-2008 Jeanne Bamberger

2006-2007 Mercedes Ellington

2005-2006 Michael Beckerman

2004-2005 Simon Morrison