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Jazz Ensemble in Fall 2020

The Jazz Ensemble will be completely online this semester. The focus is still on performing and studying big band repertoire. The student performance will be assembled using individually recorded audio and video tracks.

  • We will meet via Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:00. Students may not need to attend the entire time. We’ll work with different sections (saxes, brass, rhythm) for a segment each week.
  • The students will be encouraged to explore the skills required to record a “studio” performance. This can be done on whatever platform is available to the individual. A recording from a smartphone or a digital audio workstation are equally valid.
  • Additional time will be spent watching video performances of notable big bands, jazz history, music theory, composition and improvisation.
  • We will provide audio tracks to use for practice and recording.
  • Most importantly we want to maintain a social connection and sense of community with the ensemble. Students are encouraged to share their own musical projects and compositions.

Students enrolled in Jazz Ensemble for 0.5 credits will be expected to attend 10 out of 12 Zoom sessions (or watch them later if necessary). Students enrolled for 0 credit will be asked to attend as many Zoom sessions as possible.

Please email Prof. Neu with any questions.

Jazz Ensemble, Fall 2020 Video