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Cassidy Cheong '23

Portrait of Cassidy Cheong '23

Cassidy Cheong '23

Throughout her life, when given the choice, Cassidy Cheong ‘23 has always chosen music. She reminisces fondly on attending childhood Music Together classes with her mother, which sparked something in her that “just clicked.” Cassidy began piano lessons at the age of 5, but it wasn’t until the 3rd grade that she was introduced to chorus, an art form she would grow to love. There’s something about the quiet confidence and assured nature of Cassidy’s narrative which makes her love of music seem so natural. When she entered her first year at Swarthmore, she knew she wanted to major in music and eventually settled on an honors major in political science, with a course major and honors minor in music

When asked about memorable experiences at Swarthmore, Cassidy recounts a particularly entertaining music theory assignment. She and fellow music major Meg Ozawa ‘23 wrote a blues composition about Willets Hall, but it was Greg Boatman ‘23’s piece about the pasta bar at Sharples that she described as “easily the best one” in the class.  Cassidy’s love for the music department is evident and she says as much, “I’m a big fan. Everyone who works in the music department genuinely cares … and makes time for students.” 

While at Swarthmore, Cassidy has studied voice through private instruction and also sings with the Chorus and Garnet Singers (where she serves as the section leader). Currently she is focused on her senior project examining the use of ballade within German opera. Cassidy will hold a senior recital on March 31st at 8:00 pm in the Lang Concert Hall on campus featuring selections from Mozart, Schubert, Debussy, Gershwin, and Amy Beach. After graduation, Cassidy plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Masters in opera. “I would not be doing that if it wasn’t for my time as a music student [at Swarthmore],” she says. 

Favorite music course at Swat? Music and War with Barbara

Favorite music making experience at Swat? Fetter Chamber Ensemble with Meg and Jackie 

What will you miss most about Swat? The community within the music department as well as certain professors and people

Sound or noise that you love? Cracking a KitKat

Sound or noise that you hate? When people crack their neck

Last song you listened to? Paper Bag by Fiona Apple