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ITS Student Resources

ITS is short for Information Technology Services, and is located on the lower level of Beardsley Hall.  We offer students taking classes at Swarthmore College many resources, including a walk-in Help Desk.  To help you find Beardsley Hall, here is the campus map.

Below is a list of resources available to students - many more resources can be found by going to the ITS website.  To learn more about all of the ITS-related resources available to you, including ITS workshops, Academic Technology, equipment available for loan, and public computing areas, go to

New Students:

For advice and information specific to new students, before coming to campus, go to New Students -> Campus Services -> Computing.

Resource Topics:


Getting Help, During Move-In and Beyond:

Answers to many questions can be found on the ITS website  If you can't find what you are looking for, or need additional help, ITS provides on-campus help during move-in day and beyond.

  • During move-in day: ITSAs (IT Student Associates) will be circulating through the dorms from 9am - 12pm, and as well as hosting a table in Shane Lounge.  Additional help can be found at the Help Desk in the lower level of Beardsley Hall, room 110.
  • During Orientation Week: Additional help is offered in Shane Lounge and Sharples Dining Hall - see the Orientation Schedule for details.
  • During the year, when classes are in session: During the day at the Help Desk in Beardsley 110 (Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm) or after hours at the McCabe Library student-run ITS Help Desk (Mon-Fri, 7pm - closing, and weekends).


Swarthmore Account Setup:

All students taking classes at Swarthmore (including Trico students and visitors) will receive a Swarthmore User ID, and need to set up a Swarthmore account before being able to log into any Swarthmore resources.  After receiving your Swarthmore User ID and Banner ID (Student ID number), go to to create your network password.  You must use a computer to reset your password - it will not work on a mobile device.  Once your password is set, you can use it to log into Swarthmore resources, such as email, wifi, Moodle, and public area computers.  For more information about setting up your account, go to


Duo 2-Factor Authentication:

Swarthmore College partnered with Duo to provide added security to your Swarthmore user account.  By utilizing this additional security measure when logging into Swarthmore resources, you and the rest of the Swarthmore community are better protected against having data accessed by unauthorized sources.  Duo Authentication is required for your Swarthmore email, G Suite, and Moodle logins.  For more information about Duo Authentication and enrolling in Duo, go to


Email & G Suite for Education:

Swarthmore uses G Suite for Education (formally Google Apps) for email, calendaring, and file storage.  To access your email, go to, and log in with your Swarthmore credentials.  For additional information, see Google at Swarthmore Reference Guide.


Computer Recommendations:

Swarthmore College is an authorized service provider for Apple and Dell hardware, and is able to provide hardware repairs for students on these models.  All other computer models will have to be repaired by the manufacturer or an outside repair center.  We will do our best to support software related problems, but cannot provide hardware support for non-Apple and Dell products.  For more information about computer recommendations, go to


Connecting to Wireless:

Computers - Connect to eduroam with your Swarthmore credentials - however, you will need to use your full Swarthmore email address as your eduroam user name - then open a web browser and follow the on-screen prompts.  You will need functioning and up-to-date anti-virus software to use the eduroam network.  For more information about connecting to wireless, including guest wireless, go to

Cell phone and other devices (tablets, etc) -

  • Cell phones and tablets: Connect to the eduroam network, enter your Swarthmore credentials, but make sure to type in your full swarthmore email address into the username field.  If prompted to install a certificate, allow installation.  On Android devices, you will need to configure the Phase 2 Authentication - choose MSCHAPV2.  For further assistance with cell phones and tablet configurations, go to the ITS website ( and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Gaming devices:  Contact the Help Desk to register your device.  You will need to provide the MAC address associated with your device, which can be found in your device Settings.  After your device is registered, you'll be able to connect to SwatDevice.  The SwatDevice network is for devices not capable of connecting to eduroam, which uses WPA2-Enterprise and provides a higher level of security.  For more information about registering your gaming device, and finding the MAC address, go to
  • Wireless printers:  Wireless printing is not permitted on campus because is does not work with our security protocols.  Personal printers should be connected via a USB printer cable.


Hardware Repair:

Swarthmore College is an authorized service provider for Apple and Dell hardware, and is only able to perform both warranty and non-warranty repairs on Apple and Dell computers belonging to Swarthmore students.  For more information about hardware repairs, go to


Online Training with

For more information about at Swarthmore, go to



Each dorm has a printer for students to use - additional printers can be found in the libraries and public computing spaces across campus.  Supplies for the printers are kept by the RAs.  If the printer needs paper or toner, ask the RA in charge of Dorm Supply, who is listed on a poster by the printer.  Be mindful of printing so paper does not get wasted, and please do not take paper for your personal use.  ITS delivers supplies once a week.  If the printer malfunctions, contact the Help Desk.  For more information, go to


Jack Activation:

To request network jack activation in your room, contact ITS.  You will need to provide your room location (dorm and room), jack wall plate number, and reason for request (type of device).  Jack activation requests may take up to 3 work days to complete.  To request jack activation, go to submit a help request


Resetting Passwords:

Your Swarthmore password will expire in 180 day and need to be changed.  To change your password, go to via a computer web browser - it will not work on a mobile device.  Then, update it everywhere it is saved on your computer, phone, tablet, etc.  For more information about resetting your password and account setup, go to



Never-ever send your password to someone through email, or link attached to an email.  ITS will never ask for your password in an email message.  Only people trying to steal your account information will ask you for your password in an email message.

If you get an email pretending to be from us, or someone else that asks for account login information (user name and password), you should forward it to  For more information about phishing and staying safe online, go to



ITS offers a wide range of software for student use.  Some is available for download from the ITS website, while other software is available for use on the public area computers.  Only software licensed for student use will be available for download from the ITS Software Installation page

The following software is available for students, for use on their personal computers: Autodesk Suite, ChemDraw, Cinderella, Comic Life, EndNote Web, Final Draft, GitHub Desktop, JAWS, Kaleidagraph, Keyaccess, Kurzweil 3000, Lyx, Mathematica, MathType, MATLAB, Microsoft Office 365, R, Read & Write Gold, Sibelius, Solidworks, Soundflower, Stata, Thunderbird, Voteview, VPN, Zoomtext.

For more information, including download links and installation instructions, go to -> Install Software.  NOTE: Only software listed for Everyone will be accessible to students - software listed as Faculty & Staff will result in a webpage error.


Public Computing Spaces:

Apple and Dell computers are available across campus for students to use in the public areas.  These computers are set up with all the Academic software packages necessary for various classes, as well as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.  Students can log into these computers with their Swarthmore username and password.

In order to keep the computers running smoothly, the hard drives are set to erase any changes on restart, so students should save all work to their Google Drive, USB flash drive, or external hard drive.

Below is a list of the Public Computing Spaces:

  • McCabe, Cornell, and Underhill Libraries - Apple and Dell computers available, as well as printing
  • McCabe 306 Classroom - Apple computers available when not in use by a class
  • Trotter 201 Classroom - Dell computers available when not in use by a class
  • Shane Lounge - Apple iMac and printer
  • Dorms - each dorm, depending on size, is equipped with one or two Apple iMacs and printers

NOTE: Apple computers have macOS High Sierra and Dell computers have Windows 10 Enterprise


ITS Student Employment:

To learn more about working at ITS, go to


Contacting ITS:

  • Submit a Help Request: You can enter an ITS Service Request ticket via The Dash or the ITS website
  • Email:
  • Phone: (610) 328-8513 or x4357 (from an on-campus phone).
  • In person: during the day at the Help Desk in Beardsley 110 (Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm) or after hours at the McCabe Library student-run ITS Help Desk (Mon-Fri, 7pm - closing, and weekends).