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Orientation Schedule

Dear Students, Parents, and Families: We are finalizing many of the details regarding Orientation and are quite eager to meet all of you on August 26. The schedule for each day is fairly packed, but with lots of great stuff; please check out some of the things we have planned for you. If you haven't already done so, please be sure to go to mySwarthmore and

  • complete the travel form if you need assistance getting from the airport or train station
  • complete the placement exams form (including the question on the swim test)
  • check out your (now available) room and roomate assignment
  • complete the ConnectED emergency information form
  • complete the AlcoholEDU online program

We're hoping that all of you can complete these things by August 15. The information we ask for will help us be best prepared to get you here, and then to advise you and keep you safe once you arrive.

Some of you asked about things we did not highlight as well as some would have liked.  We apologize for that; let us try to remedy that by pointing you in the right direction here. In particular, most of the things we have heard about either fall under the category of:

If these links do not answer your questions, please email for general questions, or for questions specific to the academic program.