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Transfer Students

three students holding their free plants during Orientation

We look forward to welcoming you to campus in August. You should plan to attend new student Orientation. There will be special additional sessions within new student Orientation for transfer students: 9:30-11:30 am on Wednesday, August 28 in Kohlberg Language Center (3rd floor) and 10-10:45 am on Friday, August 30 in the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Your Orientation group will be comprised of transfer students and your Orientation group leaders will include transfer students.

After you make your matriculation deposit, we mailed you information (via U.S. mail) about how to set up your Swarthmore email account and complete the electronic New Student Forms. Please be sure to complete all of the required new student Forms, including the Advising questionnaire, Voluntary Disability Disclosure form (if applicable) and the Housing questionnaire. We use the Advising questionnaire to match you with an academic advisor, and you will first talk with your academic advisor when you arrive on campus in August. All Transfer Students will receive more information about housing in early July, and can expect to receive their room assignment information on August 1.  Please contact Isaiah Thomas (Director of Residential Communities) with any additional questions regarding housing.

Please read the Registrar's website for academic guidance for Transfer Students

Currently, there are approximately 50 enrolled students who transferred to Swarthmore. Students who transfer to Swarthmore arrive as sophomores or juniors. 

If you have questions and you are unsure who to ask, please contact your assigned dean: Associate Dean of Academic Success Liz Derickson. Your dean can help if you are experiencing difficulties and can connect you to resources that might be useful to you. Every student has an assigned dean. All new transfer students in 2019 are assigned to Dean Derickson. If you wish to change your dean assignment at any time, please email Dean Tomoko Sakomura (Assistant Vice President and Dean of Academic Success, Associate Professor of Art History).

Transfer Student Katie Phillips '21

"On campus, I'm in Offbeat and a tour guide! I will be next year's transfer SAM (Student Academic Mentor) as well as a SAM to students in Mertz residence hall! I love music and am really grateful for the supportive and amazing music and theater communities here. Also, I want to be an elementary school teacher!"


Why I transferred to Swarthmore…

Its tight-knit community and collaborative environment


My favorite thing about Swarthmore is…

My favorite part about Swarthmore is getting deeply involved in the community and the genuine atmosphere of kindness and support


My favorite place to study on-campus is…

I love to study at the new paint room in McCabe. It gives me color-inspired creativity! 

photo of student smiling

Transfer Student Gabriel Evans '19

"Swarthmore is a great place to geek out, on any and every possible thing you find yourself able to geek out on." 


Why did you transfer to Swarthmore? 

I transferred to Swarthmore to get off the West Coast. Also, I was ecstatic about the small classroom sizes and the option to take double credit seminar classes.


What is your favorite part about Swarthmore?

My favorite part of Swarthmore is being able to build intimate relationships with professors outside of the Student-Teacher binary. I have had dinners with Professors regularly at the their house and in places around Swarthmore College.


Where is your favorite place on campus to study and why?

I typically study in McCabe. One of the libraries. Typical. I know.

photo of student

Transfer Student Matt Villanueve '21

“At the beginning of my college career, I would not have believed that it would be possible for me to join a community like the one that exists at Swarthmore. Fortunately, those who were around me did, and they kept me motivated when I needed it. Being a somewhat unconventional Swarthmore student, I was not sure where my place would be on the campus. My transfer cohort and the rugby team provided me a solid foundation for a major transition in my life.“


Why I transferred to Swarthmore…

I transferred to Swarthmore, because I wanted to join a community of people committed to the project of learning and personal growth. Everyone I had met from Swarthmore shared an instinct and hunger to seriously engage with their areas of study. They chose courses to enrich themselves as people, not to satisfy degree requirements.


My favorite thing about Swarthmore is…

The conversations I have with fellow students at the college is my favorite part about Swarthmore. We share ideas because we are genuinely interested in them and want to contribute our individual experiences to the conversation.


My favorite place to study on-campus is…

I enjoy studying on the Second Floor of McCabe, because it has a wide range of environments from cozy little cubbies to utilitarian tables with outlets to charge my devices.

Academic interests and/or majors?: Philosophy and Political Science

photo of student smiling

Transfer Student Brandon Shi '20

“Swarthmore was exactly what I wanted in terms of change of environment.“


Why I transferred to Swarthmore…

To be surrounded by those that wants to make a difference in the world and I got  exactly what I asked for.


My favorite thing about Swarthmore is…

The people here are very nice and welcoming.


My favorite place to study on-campus is…

Intercultural center, because it feels very cozy and there's a room that makes you feel like you are in a treehouse.

Academic interests and/or majors: Sociology and Anthropology

photo of student smiling

Transfer Student Melanie Kleid '19

“Coming to Swarthmore is one of the accomplishments that I am most proud of, and I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and spend time here.“

Why I transferred to Swarthmore…

Before coming to Swarthmore, I felt stuck in an environment where the arts were considered a 'hidden gem' rather than a prominent aspect of social life on campus, and where the campus itself was remarkably isolated geographically. After speaking with current students and conducting my own research about the Swarthmore, I knew that its arts-driven atmosphere and proximity to Philadelphia would give me the opportunity to express myself at school and explore other places during my college experience.


My favorite thing about Swarthmore is…

My favorite part about Swarthmore is how green it is! People say that Swarthmore is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and I think they're right. Even on the most stressful days, walking outside to enjoy the fresh air, flowers, and trails throughout the arboretum is always so refreshing. Even the winter is beautiful here, and that's a lot to say coming from me.

My favorite place to study on-campus is…

My favorite place on campus to study is Underhill Library. Underhill not only has the most beautiful view of the Crum woods, but also its second floor is home to a set of practice rooms (each complete with its own Steinway piano) where I can go to take a break from my work.

Majors and academic interests: Sociology/Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Anthropology of Space and the Future, Sociology of Science Fiction

photo of student smiling