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Student Employment

Department Overview

Student employment at Swarthmore College is overseen by two offices: the Student Employment Office and the Student Payroll Office. Each office plays a distinct role in setting you up to work on campus, and can help you navigate different aspects of the employment and job search process.

Student Employment Office (SEO)

Connect with us for questions about:

  • Finding and applying for jobs on campus
  • Completing hiring paperwork 

The Student Employment Office (SEO) helps to connect the more than 1,200 students who work while at Swarthmore with on-campus employment opportunities. SEO does not directly place students in jobs, but rather help them identify on-campus job opportunities that are the right fit for their skills, interests, and availability. We also work with on-campus employers to help them advertise open positions to students, and welcome them to contact the Student Employment Office if they need assistance in filling a student job.

Please note: Only full-time actively enrolled students at Swarthmore College may be hired or perform work as student employees at the College.

Student Employment Office Location:
The Student Employment Office is in the Lower Level of Parrish,  LL28. Please reach out to to make an appointment or utilize our online scheduler

Student Payroll Office (SPO)

Connect with SPO for questions about:

  • Timesheets
  • Tax withholdings 
  • Getting paid

The Student Payroll Office manages electronic timekeeping, tax withholdings, and pay dates. We encourage you to visit the Student Payroll Office website for more information and resources for both students employees and on-campus employers. 

Student Employment Pay Rates for 2024-2025

For the 2024-25  academic year, (beginning July 1, 2024) the pay rates are:

Pay level 1: $15.00/hour
Pay level 2: $15.75/hour
Pay level 3: $16.50/hour