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Supervisor Tips and Tricks



When creating or editing a job description, please pay special attention to the question asking about the time frame for which you are posting the position.

This field, located near the bottom of the job description, controls the time at which students will see timesheets. It officially begins and ends a student's ability to be employed in your department. This selection is also an item that students may search on during their job search.

Students hired for the Fall Semester Time Frame will need to be rehired if working in the same position for the Spring Semester. Students remaining in positions will need to be rehired each year. Hires will not carry over from one academic year to the next.  Direct hiring can be used to rehire a student in a subsequent year. Download detailed instructions in PDF form. 

Accessing Timesheets and Pay periods

Timesheets are accessible to both supervisors and students via mySwarthmore. The student pay period schedule is located on the Student Payroll website. If you or your student have questions about Timesheets, contact Student Payroll for help.

Change the Status of your Position and Stop Accepting Applications

When you are no longer actively hiring, be sure to move your positions from "listed" status to "review" status. By doing this, you will eliminate confusion, as students are looking for vacant positions throughout the semester. It will also give the Student Employment Office a more accurate sense of what departments that are still looking for students at any given time. Instructions on how to change the status of your position can be found on our Add, List, Edit, or Change the Status page.  If you are unsure of what each status means, you may view the status box near the bottom left corner of your JobX dashboard.  Position your cursor over the icon next to each status for help text to be displayed.

Contacting the Appropriate Office

Contact the Student Payroll Office for support with the following:

  • Payroll paperwork submission
  • Banner timesheet access
  • Guidance about paying a student

Contact the Student Employment Office for support with the following:

  • Advertising a job
  • Questions about JobX
  • Application or job description approval within JobX
Number of Hours

Anywhere that hours are asked for in JobX, particularly when hiring specific students, be sure to be as accurate as possible. Students may work more or less than the hours stated on JobX, however information on hours is used when determining the number of available hours a department offers for student workers.

Search Students Option (Search for a Student's Full Name, Status, or ID)

While on your Supervisor Dashboard , select the "Supervisor" tab and choose "Search Students." This can be used while using the Direct Hire function if you need to verify the student's work-aid status, or if they have completed their paperwork. A "No" next to Student Status, I9, or Direct Deposit will always result in the failure of a hire attempt.  

Scheduling an Interview

JobX does not currently support interview scheduling.  You have a few options available if you will be asking students to schedule an interview time.

  • You may include a link in one of the application questions that takes the student to a scheduling process or form
  • You may utilized the contact features to email students once they have applied.  The emailed information can provide instruction on how the student should proceed.
Changing the Number of Available Openings

This field, located near the bottom of the job description, must be equal to or greater than the number of students you intend to hire.   This number controls the number of application slots  and must also be greater than zero in order to list a position.  Detailed instructions can be downloaded in PDF form.