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Fall 2023

Student Employment Supervisor FAQ

What is the hiring time frame?
  • Within the job description, you must select a time frame prior to hiring a student. Hiring for the fall is not available until July 15, 2023. It will end December 16, 2023. Please note that all student employment positions will automatically end after 12/31/2023. Students working after this date will need to be hired for the spring time frame. This will take place late in the fall semester.
  • Please select Fall 2023 as the time frame in JobX for students who will be hired to work during the fall semester.
    • The academic year time frame cannot be selected. 
What is hiring priority and when does it take place?​​​​​
  • Hiring priority refers to the College’s policy and expectation that supervisors will grant hiring priority to students who have been awarded a campus job monetary expectation as part of their financial aid decision. Notation of this is located in the JobX system when previewing any student’s record. 
  • The hiring priority is usually the first week of classes of the fall semester.
  • Students who are work-aided are students who have work aid in their financial aid award. During this period, students who do not have work-aid will not be able to apply or be hired into any position. 
  • Positions hiring outside of this time frame should still apply a consideration of hiring priority similar to outlined above. 
Fall Supervisor Update 2022

You can view a copy of the presentation here. A new update for the 2023-24 academic year will be provided early in the fall semester.


Can a student on a leave of absence work in any type of student employment or staff position?​​​​​
  • Students that are currently on leave are NOT be eligible to work a student employment position or for the College in any capacity including casual or volunteer positions. 
Can students that are living abroad (outside of the US) work in any type of student employment or staff position?
  • No, students (domestic or international) that are currently living outside of the US cannot work for the College in any capacity including casual or volunteer positions until they return to the US. 
  • It is important that you identify where the student is living prior to submitting your hire request.
Can a student from another institution be hired as a student employee?

No, only students currently enrolled at Swarthmore may be hired as a student employee. This means students from a tri-co school are not able to be employed through the student employment program. 


What time frame should I select in JobX when submitting my hire request?
  • Please select appropriate time frame in your job description. 
    • Summer 2023 = June1 -July 31
    • Fall 2023= August 1-December 31
      • The academic year time frame cannot be selected. 
      • Requests with the incorrect time frame will be rejected.
Do I need to update my job description in JobX for the fall semester?
  • If your position is changing in any way you will need to make the appropriate changes to the job description.
  • Please be sure to review and update any details within your positions each hiring cycle. 
What do I do after I have filled my position in JobX?
  • If you no longer need to hire for the position please make sure that you move the position from “listed” to “review” in JobX.
  • This will close the position and not allow for additional applications.
  • You can always re-list the position should you need to hire again. 
What happens after I submit a hire request in JobX?
  • Your request is reviewed by a member of the Student Employment Office. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The student that was hired will also receive an email directing them to formally accept the position in JobX.
  • Once these steps are completed, students will be prompted to complete their employment paperwork which you can track via JobX. 


How will students submit paperwork?
  • Students will complete their paperwork via the JobX dashboard. 
How are students paid  for their work through Student Employment?
  • Students who have previously worked for the College will continue to receive payment through direct deposit.
  • Students who have not worked for the College previously will receive their first paycheck via postal mail to their place of residence.
  • All further paychecks will be directly deposited into their chosen bank account.


Who should I reach out to if I have additional questions?
  • Please email for questions related to:
    • JobX
    • Creating a new position
    • Employment paperwork
    • Work aid
    • Hiring time frames
  • Please email for questions related to:​​​​​​
    • Timesheets
    • Payroll information and deadlines
    • Pay rates