Hire an Employee on JobX


Please note, all hire requests need to be validated by a Swarthmore College administrator.

If a student is not eligible to be hired because requisite information or documentation is missing, the hire request may be prevented. In this case, please reach out to Kristin Moore, Director of Services, Financial Aid, kmoore1@swarthmore.edu, 610-328-8392, for assistance.

  • Visit JobX
  • Click Student Employment Supervisor Home Page.
  • Click Supervisor Dashboard and enter your Swarthmore credentials.
  • In the main dashboard area, you will see Listed jobs, which are live on JobX
  • To see the list of candidates for a particular job, click on the numbered link in the App # column.
  • For the candidate you wish to hire, select Hired from the drop down menu in the Actions column associated with their name.
  • Click Go to Step 2.
  • Make sure the correct candidate name appears and click Check Employee ID to start the automated validation process.
  • The validation engine verifies that the candidate is currently enrolled at Swarthmore and has submitted the required paperwork with the Office of Student Employment. If any of this documentation is incomplete, a red X will appear next to the missing information and the hire request will be prevented.
    • If the hire request is prevented, click Cancel.
    • If the candidate is eligible to be hired, click Continue.
  • Review the candidate information and edit as needed.
    • At this stage you will also be able to see other positions the candidate holds at the bottom of the screen to consider their availability.
  • Click Submit Request .