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About Student Payroll and Required Documentation

The following forms must be completed electronically through JobX after accepting your position and  before you begin working on campus! These forms are only completed the during your first hire and all subsequent hires will not need you to complete additional forms. 

All forms are completed electronically via JobX through your Dashboard.  (Do not complete the forms linked here. These links are provided as a courtesy to show you what is needed. 

  1. I-9 Form : This form confirms your eligibility to work in the United States and must be completed on campus with original identification documentation. Copies are not acceptable.
    1. Original I-9 verification/Identification documents are required by federal law in order to complete your hiring process You must schedule an in person appointment to show us your document(s). A list of approved documents can be found here.  Please make an appointment by utilizing our scheduling LINK.
  2. Direct Deposit Authorization Form : This form determines where your earned wages will be deposited. All students must sign up for Direct Deposit as a condition of employment. To complete this form you will need the following information. 
    1. Name and address of bank or credit union
      1. Find this on your bank mobile app, statement or website.
    2. Type of account:  Checking  or Savings 
      1. Select the account type that you wish the funds to be deposited into. The following information will be specific to each account. 
    3. Bank Routing Number
      1. Routing numbers are nine-digit numbers that identify your bank or credit union in a financial transaction.  They are specific to your bank so even if the name is similar to another bank, the routing number will signal the correct financial institution.  Routing numbers can be found at the bottom of a check, in your mobile app, or on bank statements. In the event you cannot find this number, you can contact your financial institution directly.
    4. Bank Account Number
      1. Financial Institutions make account and routing numbers available to their customers via online and mobile banking, whether on the web or an app. If you cannot find your account number, you should call your financial institution directly and ask. 
  3. W-4 Form: This form determines how much federal tax to withhold from your wages.  You will be provided access to this form via your mySwarthmore Employment tab once your hire is processed. The form can only be edited after your hire is processed. 

After completing your checklist in JobX, you will be able to access your timesheet within 24 hours via the "mySwarthmore" Website. Please review the Swarthmore Web-Time Entry Guide [pdf] for further instruction on how to complete your timesheet. See the timesheet submission schedule online. The College requires that hours are entered each day as you work them, not at the end of the two-week payroll period.