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Housing During Breaks

Housing Calendar

Fall/Spring Break

 During the one-week fall vacation and the one-week spring vacation the dorms will be open, but no meals will be served. You may leave possessions in your rooms during the fall and spring vacations and during the four-week inter-semester break, but you should be very careful to lock your rooms and take valuable items with you or at least put them out of sight.

Winter Break

Swarthmore College is entirely closed from approximately the third week of December until classes begin in January. Students are not allowed to stay on campus during this period. However, if you are on financial aid, limited winter break housing may be made available to you, including a stipend. For housing information, please contact

To apply  and learn more about the Dora Leiken Fund, log into the ISC Portal and submit your application by November 20.

Summer Break

The College closes all dorms to students during the summer except for one dorm which remains open for students who will be working on campus during the summer. There is a charge for staying in this dorm. For housing information, please contact