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SwatTalks Recordings

SwatTalk sessions are recorded as permitted by the presenters. 

2019–20 SwatTalks 

Watch "US Politics in 2020" SwatTalk

with Michael Dukakis '55, Carl Levin '56, and Chris Van Hollen '83. Moderated by Richter Professor of Political Science Carol Nackenoff.

Watch "The Gut Microbiome: How the Host and Microbial Communities Influence Each Other"

with Amy Vollmer, Isaac H. Clothier Jr. Professor of Biology

Watch "The Response to COVID-19: A Global Health Perspective"

with David Kaufman ’94, head of Translational Development at the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Watch "Disaster Economics — Getting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic"

with Dean Baker '81, senior economist for Center for Economic and Policy Research

Watch "Biomedical Research and the NIH in the Age of COVID-19"

with Jon Lorsch '90, director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Watch "Economic Espionage: A New National Security Threat?"

with Mara Hvistendahl '02, writer

Watch "Crisis Management 101"

with Davia Temin '74, president & CEO of Temin & Company, Inc.

Watch "Housing Is Healthcare, Homeless Solutions"

with Josh Green ’92, Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii

Watch "The Importance of a Learning Mindset"

with Phil Weiser '90, Colorado Attorney General

Watch "Budget Essentials"

with Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration



2018–19 SwatTalks

"Getting Green Done: President's Sustainability Research Fellowship Program"

with Professor of Sociology Joy Charlton and Director of Sustainability Aurora Winslade. A video recording and transcript of this SwatTalk is not available, but you may view the presentation slides here.

Watch "Environmental Justice and Education" SwatTalk

with Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Edwin Mayorga and Sustainability Program Manager Melissa Tier ’14

Watch "Energy, Decarbonization, and the Carbon Charge" SwatTalk

with Professor of English Literature Betsy Bolton and Climate Action Senior Fellow Nathan Graf ’16 

Watch "Denying Refuge: Refugee and Asylum Policies Under the Trump Administration"

with Alex Aleinikoff '74

Watch "On Nonviolent Civil Resistance"

with Associate Professor of Sociology Lee Smithey and Thomas McGovern ’17