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Affinity Networks

Affinity groups offer alumni opportunities to engage with Swarthmore College and each other around shared interests and identities. Learn more about Swarthmore's alumni affinity groups through their websites or social media accounts.

LGBTQ+ Alum Network

The Swarthmore LGBTQ+ Alum Network is composed of alumni and friends of Swarthmore College who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or as any other minoritized gender, sexual, or romantic representation. The LGBTQ+ Alum Network supports Swarthmore's commitment to "our diverse and vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni." 

McCabe Scholars Alumni

The McCabe Achievement Award recognizes students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, character, and leadership, especially in service to their school and community with a merit scholarship to Swarthmore College. Alumni recipients of this scholarship remain active with the robust community of McCabe Scholars and gather annually for a spring banquet. 

Swarthmore Alumni of Color

The mission of Swarthmore College Alumni of Color (AOC) is to support and engage the diverse, multicultural and vibrant community of Swarthmore College who self-identify as students and alumni of color, members of an underrepresented or minority racial or ethnic group, or who represent a variety of national origins and nationalities. 

Swarthmore Black Alumni Network (SBAN)

Founded by alumni of Swarthmore College, the mission of the Swarthmore Black Alumni Network (SBAN) is to serve, involve, engage, and inform the Swarthmore community of Black alumni to build powerful networks, promote mentoring, create initiatives, and execute programs that connect Black alumni to each other, their communities, current Black students, and to the faculty, staff, and administration of Swarthmore College.

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