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Alumni Council

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Hello Swarthmore Alumni!

My name is Ayanna Johnson '09, and I am the President of our Alumni Council. My first steps on campus many years ago reminded me that Swarthmore could be my home away from home and it remains true to this day. Now, through my work with the Alumni Council, I’ve been able to deepen my bonds to the College and give back to a place that has meant so much to me.

Like many of you, my time at Swarthmore was among the most formative and incredible experiences of my life. Swarthmore taught me how to think critically and how to use my voice for good. It is where I met amazing people and some of my dearest friends.

It is my and the Alumni Council’s goal to represent you — the approximately 20,000 alumni who make up our community — to the College, and to remind you that you are a valued member of our community. As the theme of Alumni Weekend said, You (still) Belong Here! I invite you to get involved with the College and come back to campus and let me know what you have found. The Council works hard to drive inclusivity through our programs and keep alumni connected. Check out our past Swat Talks for a glimpse of this work! If you ever have ideas about how we can better do that — or if you have a question or just want to share an opinion — please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you for the honor and pleasure of serving as your Alumni Council President.

Ayanna Johnson '09, Alumni Council President


Overview of Alumni Council 

The Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association, spearheads and participates in a variety of activities and programs to support Swarthmore alumni and students. Learn more about Alumni Council's mission, bylaws, and meeting calendar

Whether it’s hosting SwatTalks, which feature accomplished alumni leading virtual seminars on important topics that have ranged from the Big Bang to the history of gay marriage; hosting career networking events with students;  or presenting awards that recognize alumni for their professional accomplishments and community service achievements; the Alumni Council seeks to engage with all members of the College community.

The Alumni Council meets three times each academic year, once in executive session and twice as a full Council.

If you have any questions about the Council, including how to nominate someone, please contact Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Family Programs Ellen Caccia at