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Alumni Council Initiatives

Engaging with Alumni

As the governing body of the Swarthmore Alumni Association, the Council takes an active role in keeping alums connected to the College and each other. Efforts include:

Engaging with Students

The Council spearheads a variety of initiatives aimed at engaging with and supporting current students as well as encouraging them to stay connected with the Swarthmore community once they become alumni. Activities include:


SwatTalks is an Alumni Council program that brings the talent and expertise of Swarthmore alumni, faculty, and staff to the greater College community through free, virtual seminars. Each SwatTalk lasts one hour and is available through Zoom. SwatTalk sessions will be recorded as permitted by the presenters.


The Nominating Committee facilitates the identification and recruitment of candidates to serve on Alumni Council to ensure diverse and dynamic membership that represents the full Alumni Association. Learn more about the nomination process here. If you are interested in more information or have questions, please email