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Swarthmore Alumni Social Media Catalog

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Stay connected with Swarthmore, wherever you are.

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Swarthmore College alumni social media pages are administered by College staff using the Swarthmore Alum Facebook profile (and/or their personal profiles) and moderated by volunteer leaders. If you are interested in creating a class, network, or interest social media page or group, please contact  for resources. Available resources include templates, advice for moderators, and information on how to qualify for this listing.

Social Media Guidelines

Many of us have found that learning is promoted by dialogue in a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and mutual respect. Please conduct your discussion in that spirit.

  • Treat all members of the Swarthmore community — including staff, faculty, alumni, and students — with respect and civility. 
  • Commit to dialogue inclusive of a spectrum of diversity along numerous demographic lines (e.g. race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, geography). 
  • Resolve conflict in an open and transparent manner. 
  • Grounds for removal from alumni social media groups or pages: 
    • Posting for commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to multilevel marketing and promotion of personal businesses or services unrelated to Swarthmore College.
    • Personal attacks on other members of the group, profanity, or other threatening behavior.

The College reserves the right to remove individuals from groups/pages without notice.

Discussion Group community guidelines

Affinity Networks and Interest groups

Class Year groups

Location-based groups

Official Swarthmore College accounts