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SBAN Giving

Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility

SBAN Proudly supports Lang Center Internships

The SBAN Executive Committee is pleased to announce a formal collaboration with the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility with two new commitments. 

  1. Annual Support. Under the leadership of the Executive Committee, annual SBAN support will expand summer research opportunities available to students. Beginning in 2019, students interested in researching Black culture, Black history, criminal justice, urban inequality, environmental justice, access to housing, access to education, cultural equity, social justice initiatives impacting communities of color, and the arts can apply for summer funding through the Lang Center. In 2017 and 2018, interns were selected through Professor Keith Reeves ’88’s Urban Inequality and Incarceration program. Read more about the 2018 SBAN UII Interns.
  2. SBAN Endowed Internship Fund. Thanks to generous lead donors, this new endowed fund will support social justice initiatives and research through the Lang Center in perpetuity. Contributions to the Endowed Internship Fund are invested in Swarthmore’s Fossil Fuel-Free Fund and will provide support for a minimum of one internship a year, in perpetuity. Eight lead donors have pledged $250,000 (enough for two internships). The first endowed internship starts in 2021. Pledges for the second internship are on track to arrive in time to grant the second endowed internship starting in 2023.

Meet the 2020 SBAN Interns.

Make your gift today!

Help SBAN reach their goal of funding five summer 2020 opportunities by making your gift before December 31, 2019. When making your gift online, remember to add "SBAN Internships" in the appropriate box. By making your annual gift to SBAN, you will support students working in unpaid internships, programs, and faculty-led research.


What kinds of summer opportunities are supported through the Lang Center?

There are three types of summer grants available to current undergraduate students through the Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility. 

  1. Faculty-led engaged research grants support students, selected by a Swarthmore College faculty member, to conduct engaged research alongside them.
  2. Social Impact Summer Scholarships (SISS) support students pursuing unpaid positions with host organizations that empower them to add dimension to their undergraduate coursework while advancing the organization's mission, goals, and objectives. 
  3. Pilot project grants are designed to support individuals and groups of students who wish to link their academics with action in a small-scale or short-term project. Such projects include feasibility studies, assessments of community assets, interests, and needs, and prototyping or testing new products, services, or programs.

Learn more about Lang Center summer grants. 

These opportunities should not be confused with the Lang Social Impact Fellowship which is available only to graduating seniors and alumni within  1–3 years of graduation.

What is the difference between the the SBAN Internships and the SBAN Endowed Internship Fund?

Members and friends of the Swarthmore Black Alumni Network contribute (on average) $30,000 annually to The Swarthmore Fund in support of four to five summer SBAN Internships. Eight leadership donors established the SBAN Endowed Internship Fund. The revenue from this endowed fund, which is invested in the Fossil Fuel-Free Fund, will support one to two internships a year in perpetuity. 

Contributions to both initiatives are administered by the Lang Center staff, and support students working in social justice.

How can I support future interns?

Make your gift to The Swarthmore Fund and write "SBAN Internships" in the designation box. Be sure to maximize your impact by: