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Student Groups

The Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) group at Swarthmore College is committed to raising awareness about abuse and sexual assault issues within our community. We seek to educate our peers about the multifaceted ways that abuse and sexual assault can manifest themselves. It is important that we are committed to raising awareness not just at Swarthmore, but in all the spheres of communication we live in throughout our lives. Through our bystander and sexual assault prevention initiatives we hope to begin conversations about how to change the existence of rape culture in our nation and the world. We encourage our peers to recognize and know how to support a friend or friends dealing with the impacts of sexual assault. We seek to make consent a norm and not just a topic of discussion. We are driven to promote healthy behaviors in relationships of all kinds to eliminate domestic and inter-partner violence, unsafe casual encounters, and rape culture micro-aggressions.

Advisor: Nina Harris, Violence Prevention Educator and Advocate


Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is the student group which advises the director of Student Health and Wellness Services on student health delivery and student health concerns that might be addressed and supported by Student Health and Wellness services.



Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART) is a peer-led group that promotes respect and opportunities for a diversity of alcohol and other-drug (AOD) lifestyles.  DART's ultimate goal is to be a voice of the students to address all AOD needs in the most efficient manner possible.  Throughout the year, DART offers prevention efforts and educational events on party-safety, how to help friends, AOD and health, and much more. 

AdvisorJosh Ellow, Alcohol and Other-Drugs Counselor & Educator