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Rights & Responsibilities of Students
Allergy and Hormonal Injections
Laboratory Testing


Students have the right to expect that all aspects of care will be treated as confidential. Information is not shared with those not participating in the student's care. In the broadest sense, the health care team includes nurses, physicians, therapists, and deans. However, access to student health records is limited to the Health Center staff and no one outside the Health Center may be given information without the consent of the individual involved. The one exception is in the cause of threat to life, when information will be shared with the deans and persons listed as emergency contacts. Health records are confidential and are maintained separately from those of Psychological Services. Therapists will make a notation on a health record only in the case of an emergency or if a student is admitted to the infirmary.

Prior to the release or transfer of records to the student, or any person, party or agency outside WHC, the Health Center must have in its possession a written release from the student/patient directing the release of this information ("Student" applies to all current and not current students). The student shall include in the written request if specific information is to be released or omitted.

Students should remember that when transported to the hospital by ambulance, the release they sign entitles the ambulance company to information about the student but the Health Center will only release insurance information, unless the student is in a critical state.

Results of HIV testing are confidential and are not included in the Health Record except when done as part of a physical examination for special programs such as the Peace Corps, Fulbright program, or programs for study or work abroad.

If you have questions about confidentiality or procedures, please bring them to the attention to one of the Health Center staff members. If you want to view your health record, ask a nurse or the director of the Health Center.


Rights & Responsibilities of Students

(Adapted from Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals)

Students have the right to (expect):

Access to Care at WHC
Treatment with respect and dignity
Privacy and confidentiality:
Personal and informational privacy will be respected by all WHC staff.

Any discussion or consultation involving your case will be conducted discretely, and that individuals not directly involved in your case will not be present without your permission.

To be able to obtain your medical record. Your medical record will be released only on your written authorization or that of your legally authorized representative.

Confidentiality can be violated if a student poses a threat of harm to self or others.

Personal Safety

Know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service to you.

Information from the practitioner complete and current information concerning your diagnosis (to the degree known), treatment, and any known prognosis.

This information should be communicated in terms you can reasonably be expected to understand so that you can participate in decisions about your health care and give informed consent before any diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are performed.

Consultation or a second opinion at your own request and expense.

Refuse treatment as permitted by law and to be informed of the consequences of this decision.

An explanation of any charges made by WHC even if covered by insurance.

Information about Worth Health Center rules and regulations and about the mechanism for the initiation of complaints.

Students are responsible for:

Provision of information about present complaints, past medical history, medications and other matters relating to your health which is accurate, complete and current. Students should ask questions if explanations or instructions are unclear.

Following Instructions, keeping appointments, and notifying WHC if you are unable to comply with the treatment plan or keep appointments.

Any charges billed to you.

Following Worth Health Center rules and regulations

Respectful and considerate interactions with other students and WHC staff.


Allergy and Hormonal Injections

There is no charge for the injections but students must provide own serum to be stored at the Health Center. We are not responsible for loss of serum or loss due to breakage, contamination and/or spoilage. Students must:

1. Have a schedule from the prescribing physician, serum/a clearly labeled with student's name, serum name, dilution, and/or bottle #, physician's name, address and telephone number, expiration date. It must designate serum to be given, dosage and injection intervals. The letter should indicate if student has ever had a serious allergic reaction with details and how to adjust schedule/dosage when injections are missed or reactions occur. Students with a prior history of a serious allergic reaction or anaphylaxis will be accepted at the discretion of the WHC director in consultation with WHC physician.

2. Receive their first injection from the prescribing physician if they have never received allergy /hormonal shots, or are restarting after a year layoff.

3. Sign up for an appointment in the designated area on the medical physician appointment clipboard.

4. Remain 15 min or as directed by their prescribing physician, whichever is the shortest.



Nurses have the authority to limit admission to the infirmary but students may admit themselves or may be admitted at the recommendation of a nurse, physician, therapist, or dean if they need supportive, non-hospital level care. Therefore, at present this care does not include IV therapy or surgery (except for minor I and D). Students expected to be in-patients for limited periods of time, i.e. less than 7 days. There is no cost for this service.

At least one registered nurse licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and qualified to care for students presenting for care at WHC is duty when the Health Center is open. Physicians will see patients as needed when they hold hours. As needed, the nurse will consult them at other times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Laboratory Testing

Except those needed by students who are completing their entry Health Form, most tests ordered by the Health Center staff are free of charge because we have a contract with Quest Laboratories, common studies are billed at a reduced cost. However, expensive tests are not free. Students will be notified ahead of time if they must access their own insurance.

We will blood draw, etc. for tests ordered by personal physicians and consultants, have the results faxed and bill insurance.



WHC does not maintain a pharmacy but as part of the service provided, stocks medications adequate to meet the commonest student needs. Students are not routinely charged for medications received when school is in session, except for contraceptives, acne products, vitamins, travel medications and immunizations (including flu shots). Ordinarily, prescriptions from non-Worth affiliates are not honored. Contraceptives are the exception.