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Gynecologic Services

Routine Gynecologic Exams are available by appointment with a certified nurse practitioner. The exam involves a health history review and a general physical assessment including a breast and pelvic exam. STI screening is considered a routine aspect of annual exams for sexually active persons.

Gynecologic Problems such as vulvo-vaginitis, pelvic pain, lower abdominal discomfort, menstrual irregularities, PMS, recurrent UTIs, etc. are assessed and managed or referred as needed. Confidential STI testing is available.

Pap tests are included in a gynecologic exam starting at age 21 years. Paps are used to screen for cervical changes that may require further testing and to help prevent and manage cervical cancer. Abnormal paps may be managed by a referral to a specialist for further exam and treatment.

HPV infection that leads to cervical changes may be detected by a pap screen and is clinically managed by a referral to a specialist for exam and treatment. The CDC does not recommend routine screening for HPV infection for males or females under 30 years of age at this time. Women are recommended to get a first pap screen at age 21. The HPV vaccine (Gardasil) is available at Student Health and Wellness.

Contraceptive Management and Counseling Oral contraceptives are currently available by prescription from a nurse practitioner.  Call 610-328-8058 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.  Prescriptions and referrals for contraceptives that we do not carry are available if clinically appropriate.

Plan B is a pill form of emergency contraception that is available for females AFAB (Assigned female at birth) who have had unprotected intercourse without contraception or are concerned about contraceptive failure. Plan B does not guarantee pregnancy prevention but will decrease the risk of pregnancy by up to 90% if taken within 120 hours of intercourse. Plan B is available by appointment. Local pharmacies carry Plan B as well.

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling are available by appointment.

Reproductive Health Resources [PDF]

Sexual Assault or Abuse  We understand the confidentiality concerns that survivors may have and work with students to provide necessary care and support. Sexual Assault & Harassment Policy

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