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Frequently Asked Questions: Insurance

Do I need the college's health plan to use the Health Center?

No, it is not necessary to subscribe to the college health insurance plan, although some insurance plans do not cover services that a student may need or request while away at college. MD/NP/RN visits at Student Health Services are offered with no additional cost to students. If the student's health plan does not cover routine labs or screens through Quest Labs, the student should consider getting routine exams through their HMO/PCP, depending on their insurance plan limits.

Will SHS bill my private insurance for services?

Outside Laboratory studies will be billed through Quest Labs. The student college health plan covers 80% Quest lab fees that apply. Exclusions may be be some routine labs. Students are responsible to Quest Diagnostics for the remaining cost and fees not covered by insurance. Some health insurance plans will not cover lab fees out of their network or require pre-authorization for certain labs or a PCP referral. It is the insured person's responsibility to know their plan inclusions and limits.

In-house lab tests such as rapid strep test, pregnancy tests, mono-spots, etc. will incur a student health fee charge.

Medical services not rendered at SHS are billed through those individual medical providers, such as for emergency room care, radiology, specialists, etc. It is the responsibility of the insured student to contact their insurance provider for precertifications and/or referrals if needed.

My insurance information has not changed. Do I need to resubmit the information again?

Yes, it is necessary to submit new insurance enrollment forms yearly as insurance plans are updated annually.