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Physical Access and Learning Support

Foulk Walk in front of Parrish Hall

Department Overview

Swarthmore College seeks to provide an accessible and hospitable learning and working environment for all, while ensuring full compliance with federal and state regulations. Our community welcomes and encourages persons with disabilities to participate in our programs and activities as faculty, staff, students, and as visitors to the College.

Service dogs In Our Community

We have several service dogs who are part of our community.  Here are some general points of etiquette for interacting with a service animal:

1. Never pet the dog without the owner's permission.
2. Never call out to the dog while he is wearing his harness
3. Never grab the animal's harness
4. Never offer food or treats
5. Never establish eye contact with the dog while he is in harness
6. If you're with another dog, please let the handler know so the handler can advise the dog to leave it alone

Breaking any of the above rules is not only rude, but also potentially dangerous. Distracting a service animal means he will not be able to fully focus on his work, putting the handler's safety at risk. Furthermore, his social behavior could devolve if he expects a pet or a treat from every person he passes.

More information about service animal policy can be found at:

Hayden Dahmm ’15 and Fathom