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two students talking with each other at the new student advising fair

Individual and group tutoring are available at no cost to all students who have demonstrated need for them, and who have used the resources provided through the department. Students may be referred to tutoring by a professor or academic advisor. Or, with the exception of those departments listed below, students may apply for a tutor by filling out the Tutor Request form linked below. All tutors are students who have been recommended by department chairs or program coordinators to serve in this capacity.

Are tutors available for all courses?

Yes. The contact people are:

  • Biology: contact Hannah Donald, for Biology 001 or 002. For other Biology courses, contact your course instructor.
  • Chinese: contact Kirsten Speidel,
  • Computer Science: contact Lauri Courtenay, academic support coordinator, 
  • Economics: contact your course professor
  • Engineering: contact your course professor
  • Mathematics and Statistics: contact your course professor, with more details on the Math and Stat department website
  • Physics and Astronomy: contact your course professor

All other tutoring requests go via the Tutor Request Form.

How do I ask for a tutor?

To request a tutor, contact the above-listed contact person or (if no contact person is listed above) complete the Tutor Request Form. If you are unable to submit the Google Form, email Mira Baric at with the following information: your name, course number and instructor name for the course in which you are requesting tutoring and a description of why you feel like you need individual tutoring.

What happens after requesting a tutor?

After the request is received and if you are eligible for tutoring, the appropriate tutor match will be made and you will be notified by email. Instructors are typically informed of such requests. Students are normally limited to 10 hours per semester, but more hours may be approved on request from the instructor.