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Student Academic Mentors (SAMs)

SAMs smiling at event

What's a SAM?

Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) are sophomores, juniors, and seniors specially selected and trained to work with students on the development of skills necessary for academic success at Swarthmore such as time management, organization, study strategies, and reading techniques.

SAMs draw on their personal experiences as well as their training to mentor peers. During the first few weeks of school, SAMs are invaluable in helping first-year students access all the resources available on campus.

Any student may work with a SAM at any time.  A list of SAMs and their academic specializations is below for your reference.  Reach out to them directly with your questions or you can also email to be put in touch with a SAM.

First Name

Last Name

Grad Year


Academic interests

Jazcenya Gonzalez 2025 Alice Paul Biology, pre-med
Connor Barrett 2024 Alice Paul Sociology-Anthropology & Educational Studies, Economics, pre-law
Zoey Neessen 2026 Black Cultural Center Political Science, Policy, pre-law
Olivia Grier 2026 Dana Psychology, Music
Hillary Kim 2025 Danawell Mathematics
Mairo Yamano 2025 David Kemp Chemistry, Economics
Gabby  Nash 2026 David Kemp Psychology, Dance, History
Harry Hou 2025 Hallowell English Literature, Philosophy
Rain  White 2024 Mary Lyons Computer Science
Lena Massengale 2025 Mertz, Willets

Political Science, Black Studies, pre-law

Feven Shonga 2025 Mertz Sociology-Anthropology & Educational Studies, Linguistics
Siddhant Ranka 2025 Mertz Physics, Mathematics
Jenna Takach 2024 Mertz Psychology, Music, Dance
Chris Chen 2026 Palmer, Pittenger, Roberts Economics, English Literature, Asian American Studies
Thomas Chen 2025 Parrish Mathematics, Film & Media Studies
Emmalime Daggett 2024 Parrish Biochemistry, Psychology, Philosophy
DaCia  Newkirk 2024 PPR Apartments Black Studies & Educational Studies
Chun Wang 2024 PPR Apartments / SAM for Transfer Student Medical Anthropology, Psychology
Melody Herrera-Garcia 2026 Wharton Economics, Studio Art
Stephanie  Kim 2025 Wharton Biology, Computer Science
Angel  Su 2024 Wharton

Psychology, Russian

Ya Min Phyu 2026 Wharton Neuroscience, Economics
Kisanet Gabreselassie 2026 Willets Computer Science, Economics
Emerson Krasusky 2026 Willets Engineering, Economics
Ben Aaron 2026 Willets Engineering, Mathematics
Ellie Tsapatsaris 2024 Worth, Woolman, Kyle Film & Media Studies, Economics, Dance