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Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Advising

Department Overview

Swarthmore's academic rigor provides an excellent preparation for students considering a career in law. Swarthmore graduates are represented at law schools across the U.S., including such top schools as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Yale.

Swarthmore students interested in law are encouraged to take a varied and challenging academic program, which will develop their analytical, reading, writing and speaking skills. There is no pre-law major or prescribed pre-law coursework. Students have applied successfully to law school with majors and minors in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Gigi Simeone, the Pre-Law Advisor, is available to any student or alum considering a career in law. The Pre-Law Office counsels students throughout their undergraduate years and beyond, and assists them in the process of application to law school. It offers a series of meetings with law school admissions deans each fall. The office also prepares dean's certifications for students applying to law schools that require it.

The Pre-Law office publishes a Guide to Pre-Law Studies at Swarthmore College to help new students plan their academic program and understand what schools look for in applicants.

The Pre-Law Advisor welcomes questions from prospective students or their parents. Call Gigi Simeone at 610-328-8589 or e-mail at