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Appeal Process

When a disagreement arises regarding requested accommodations, the student may appeal the decision. The student must take the following steps to appeal:

  • The student must try to resolve the problem informally with the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.
  • If the dispute cannot be resolved, the student may appeal.
    • If the dispute concerns academic requirements it is addressed to the Committee on Academic Requirements (CAR).
    • Other concerns are appealed to the ADA Task Force review sub-committee.
  • The appeal must be presented in writing within 10 working days following the decision being appealed so that documents can be reviewed, involved individuals can be interviewed, and remedial action can be taken promptly, if required.
    • Replies to Task Force appeals will be provided within 30 working days or sooner, if possible. In certain cases, the time for response to appeals may be extended upon written consent from both parties.

Note: Replies from the CAR take much longer so it is important that the student initiate the appeal long before senior year. It usually takes several weeks to set up a CAR meeting and, if the CAR recommends a waiver to a requirement, that waiver must be ratified at the next faculty meeting to take effect.

The Equal Opportunity Officer is available to support and guide the student throughout the appeal process. She is also a consultant to the Disability Services Office and the ADA Task Force.

Discrimination Concerns: If a student with a disability feels he/she has been discriminated against based on their disability the student must consult with the Coordinator of Student Disability Services, a dean, or the Equal Opportunity Officer. They can advise the student about the College procedures and policies concerning discrimination.

If a student with a disability has a complaint, based on the disability, against a college employee or fellow student he/she is encouraged to discuss the concern with the person directly or he/she must contact that employee's supervisor or one of the deans.