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In an increasingly globalized world, conventional ways of knowing and understanding global affairs is constantly shifting. The global realm is also facing issues such as the rise of nationalistic populism, existential threats to our climate, a global refugee crisis, and more. Conventional wisdom on issues of ethics and human rights is no longer sufficient nor enough. The Lang Center hopes to promote engaged, innovative, and ethical dialogue as well as action on these emerging global issues. The issue area of Ethics & Human Rights at the Lang Center encourages students to engage critically with emerging global issues such as human rights abuses, medical ethics, economic development, free speech, and more. If you are interested in learning more about Ethics & Human Rights, Swarthmore’s Global Affairs program and how the Lang Center can help students become global citizens through their engagement and work in the areas of ethics and human rights, please reach out to our Lang Associate for Ethics & Human Rights. 


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Relevant Courses

Fall 2020

Fall 2019

TriCo Courses

  • Bodies of Injustice: Health, Illness and Healing in Contexts of Inequality
  • Development, Human Rights, and Transnational Injustices
  • Human Rights in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania–In National and Global Context

Bryn Mawr

  • POLS B261 Sovereignty, Identity, and Law
  • SOCL B205 Social Inequality
  • SOCL B331 Global Sociology: Capital, Power, and Protest in World-Historical Perspective



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