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Politics & Public Policy

Politics & Public Policy describes a critical way in which citizens can engage with their government and their fellow constituents. Through participating in politics and political discourse, as well as by helping shape and formulate public policy, individuals can help set and carry out agendas on a local, state, and national level. In this way, Politics & Public Policy describes an efficacious way of facilitating change and progress across a variety of issue areas; this category can encompass engagement in the form of advocacy, awareness, education, internships, projects, employment, and public service.


Key Faculty and Staff

  • Ben Berger, Associate Professor of Political Science and Executive Director of the Lang Center 
  • Keith Reeves ’88, Professor of Political Science and Department Chair; Director of the Urban Inequality and Incarceration program

Student Groups


Relevant Courses 

Swarthmore Spring 2019 


Bryn Mawr Spring 2019 Classes

  • PHILB225001: Global Ethical Issues
  • POLSB222001: Environmental Issues - Movement, Controversy, Policy
  • POLSB249001: Politics of Economic Development
  • POLSB327001: Political Philosophy 1950 - Present
  • POLSB354001: Comparative Social Movements

Haverford Spring 2019 Classes

  • POLSH161B001: The Politics of Globalization
  • POLSH171B001: Introduction to Political Theory: Ideologies and the Struggle to Control Authority
  • POLSH204B001: The Politics of the Creative Class in American Cities
  • POLSH208B001: Political Thought in the Global South: The Case of Latin America
  • POLSH217B001: Education Reform in America: Politics and Policy
  • POLSH261B001: Global Civil Society
  • POLSH278B001: The Earth: Ethics, Politics, and Economics
  • POLSH316B001: Race, Poverty, and the U.S. Welfare State


Off-Campus Opportunities


Politics & Public Policy Lang Center Associate

Simran Singh ’19

Lang Center Associate for Political Engagement & Public Policy