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Politics & Public Policy

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Politics & Public Policy encapsulates working by, of, and for the people to create meaningful and necessary social justice and change. From advocacy and law to political campaigns and community organizing, this issue area highlights the critical ways in which individuals and communities can engage with government and the political process.  Beyond the classroom, Politics & Public Policy engages the real-world to apply action to political, legislative, and activist movements. Connecting with this issue area addresses a wide range of social and political concerns and processes that can be addressed through projects that incorporate both the government and political sphere to campus, curriculum, and community in diverse methods.  The breadth of topics touched by this issue area is wide as Politics & Public Policy is interlaced within every issue and has a wide scope that expands beyond simple questions.  Engagement can include education, internships, research, and more. Working together to create social and political change is the goal of Politics & Public Policy that energizes movements that address a social and political issue that can and should be addressed through Engaged Scholar methods and applications.