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for Civic & Social Responsibility

Environment & Sustainability

Scientists have confirmed that human impact on global environments is not sustainable, making issues surrounding the environment and sustainability some of the most pressing of our time. Experts have proposed the term “Anthropocene” to describe a period of geologic time during which human beings’ effect on the planet and their environments have had a global impact. While individuals can make important strides toward sustainability through personal choices, only through collaboration and rapid change can we hope to build a sustainable relationship with our environments. In the spirit of such collaboration, one of the Lang Center’s flagship projects in this area is the President’s Sustainability Research Fellowship, a partnership with the President’s Office, the Office of Sustainability, and the Environmental Studies program.


Office of Sustainability

Aurora Winslade, Sustainability Director
Melissa Tier ’14, Sustainability Program Manager
Nathaniel Graf ’16, Climate Action Senior Fellow

GA Student Coordinators

Brittni Teresi ’19
Indy Reid-Shaw ’17
Josh Medel ’18

Student Groups

Ecosphere | Contact: Melissa Tier ’14
Animal Allies | Contacts: Natalie LaScala ’19 and Bryan Alvarez ’19
Chester Youth Gardening Cooperative | Contact: Tyler Huntington ’18
Earthlust | Contacts: Josh Medel ’18 and Indy Reid-Shaw ’17
Environmental Justice | Contact:
Garnet Go Green | Contacts: Bridget Scott ’18 and Ross Bednar ’18
The Good Food Project | Contacts: Kyle Richmond-Crosset ’19, Daniel Manson ’17, and Rachel Diamond ’18
Mountain Justice | Contacts: Abby Saul ’19 and Shana Herman ’19




  • Serenity Soular, Pericles-funded project, Katherine Zavez ’17
  • Harvest Circle, LOS project, Tyler Huntington ’18
  • SEE Initiative, seed funding, Tyler Alexander ’18
  • Power Push, Pericles-funded project | Contact: Hazlett Henderson ’17