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The promotion of a just and civically responsible society depends highly on our ability to provide people with equal access to an education system that helps them think critically about themselves and their communities. That means education is—at its core—an intersectional field that cannot be conceived apart from issues of race, class, and nation. The Education & Access pathway at the Lang Center is concerned precisely with the ways in which the academic discourse on education overlaps with local and national movements for expanding access to higher education, promoting equity in school funding, providing equal opportunities for undocumented immigrants, etc.


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Relevant Courses

  • ​EDUC 018 - Critical Perspectives
  • EDUC 026 - Special Education: Issues and Practice
  • EDUC 043 - Teacher Narratives, Policy and Power
  • EDUC 048 - Ethnic Studies and Education
  • EDUC 053 - Language Minority Education
  • EDUC 065 - Educational Research for Social Changes: Qualitative Methods
  • EDUC 068 - Urban Education
  • EDUC 070 - Community Outreach Practicum
  • EDUC 073 - Creative Writing Outreach Course
  • EDUC 131 - Social and Cultural Perspectives on Education
  • EDUC 161 - Politics, Policy and Education

​Tri Co

Bryn Mawr

  • EDUC B266: Schools in American Cities
  • EDUC B295: Advocating Diversity in Higher Education


  • EDUC H311: Theories of Change in Educational Institutions



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Education & Access Lang Center Associates

Tarzan MacMood '20

Lang Center Associate for Science & Society + Education & Access

Ava Shafiei '19

Lang Center Associate for Education & Access + Ethics & Human Rights