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Artistic expression opens up the ability to examine humanity at its core. From documentary to paint, journalism to dance—all forms of art and media have the power to preserve and transform culture. The ways in which this may engage social change are endless. Storytelling has historically been used to convey realities and raise critical awareness. Mural paintings can serve as large-scale tools for advocacy and reclamation. Literature and music change the ways in which we share information and look at the world. As a common point of reference, arts, media, and culture ultimately bring people together in viewership, production, and experience and can serve as a critical avenue of social action and change.

Engaged Scholarship Opportunities

There are several ways to get involved with arts, media, and culture on Swarthmore’s campus outside of the classroom.

Arts in Action — A faculty-led initiative of the Lang Center, Arts in Action brings together artists, students, faculty, and staff to engage with the arts for building community and to explore creative and transformative possibilities at the individual and community level. 

Storyboard — If you have more experience in filmmaking, photography, and writing, consider joining the Storyboard team, a Project Pericles funded summer program that teaches high school students storytelling for social change.


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  • Storyboard - Storyboard was founded by Rebecca Castillo, Ariana Hoshino, and Tiye Pulley in 2017. Funded by the Project Pericles grant, Storyboard offers affordable programs to underserved youth in urban areas. Throughout these programs, students will learn how to use photography, filmmaking, writing, and graphic design to share their stories and impact their communities by highlight important social justice issues. 

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