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Migration is deeply intertwined with every era of United States’ history. In light of the threat that immigrants face under the new administration and the continued refugee crisis around the world, now is a critical time to examine what we can do to alleviate the effects of new policies and ensure that people feel safe and welcomed in this country. Swarthmore declared itself a sanctuary campus in 2016, but there is still much work to be done. Through collective efforts, we can tackle the different facets of migration that make it challenging, and often impossible, for immigrants and refugees to adapt to their new lives.

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Swarthmore Courses 

  • DANC 025A Dance and Diaspora
  • ENGL 009D First-Year Seminar: Nation and Migration
  • ENGL 050D Literature and Art on the US-Mexico Border
  • ENGL 089E Ecofeminism(s)
  • EDUC 053 Educating Emergent Bilinguals
  • EDUC 062 Sociology of Education
  • POLS 031 Borders and Migration
  • SPAN 015 First Year Seminar: Introduction to Latinx Literature and Culture
  • SPAN 050 Afrocaribe: literatura y cultura visual
  • SPAN 061 El “otro”: voces y miradas múltiples
  • PEAC 038 01 Civil Wars & Neoliberal Peace in Central America
  • PEAC 055 Climate Disruption, Conflict, and Peacemaking    
  • POLS 031 Borders and Migration
  • POLS 062 The Politics and Practice of Humanitarianism 

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