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Migration is deeply intertwined with every era of United States’ history. In light of the threat that immigrants face under the new administration and the continued refugee crisis around the world, now is a critical time to examine what we can do to alleviate the effects of new policies and ensure that people feel safe and welcomed in this country. Swarthmore recently declared itself a sanctuary campus, but there is still much work to be done. Through collective efforts, we can tackle the different facets of migration that make it challenging, and often impossible, for immigrants and refugees to adapt to their new lives.


Key Faculty and Staff

Student groups

  • Swarthmore Undocumented Student Group


Relevant Courses



Haverford Spring 2019

  • [HISTH357B001] Topics in European History: Nationalism and Migration
  • [WRPRH162B001] Immigration and Representation
  • [ANTHH353B001] Citizenship, Migration, and Belonging
  • [POLSH161B001] The Politics of Globalization
  • [SPANH253B001] Hispanic Caribbean Migration Tales
  • [WRPRH162B001] Immigration and Representation
  • [POLSH161B001] The Politics of Globalization

Bryn Mawr Spring 2019

  • ​[SOC246001] Sociology of Migration  
  • [ENGLB33900] Latina/o Cultural Migration
  • [ANTHB325001] Mobility, Movement, Migration

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Refugees & Immigration Lang Center Associates

Nevien Swailmyeen

Lang Center Associate for Refugees & Immigration