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Economic Development

Economic development is an umbrella term that involves fostering the economic conditions that bring people a certain level of material comfort and basic human dignity. Traditionally, economic development was thought to be propelled by the industrial revolution and technology boom. This introduced the shift from handmade to machine-made industry that spurred productivity and raised standards of living for some, but many still live in conditions of poverty. The issues are continually challenging and numerous, and they require creative, diverse solutions. How can we reimagine “development” to achieve a society where all can not only live with dignity, but also have the opportunity to flourish? Additionally, how can social innovation, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and alternative economics improve quality of life and drive social equality?


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Relevant Courses




Bryn Mawr Spring 2019
  • ECONB208001: Labor Economics
  • SOWKB590002: SW Practice with Immigrants
  • ECONB234001: Environmental Economics
  • ECONB393001: Industrial Economics
Haverford Spring 2019
  • ECONH240B001: Economic Development and Transformation: China vs. India
  • ICPRH233B001: Community Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • HLTHH228B001: Social Epidemiology



On-Campus Opportunities

Off-Campus Opportunities


  • Connect with Swarthmore Student LOS projects
    • Harvest Circle, LOS project, Tyler Huntington ’18
    • SEE Initiative, Lang Center Scholarship, Fatima Boozarjomehri ’17
    • Hands Along the Nile, Nancy Awad ‘20
  • Other campus projects
    • Project Ké, health-care provision, Tyler Alexander ’17
    • Haiti: Hands On, Lamia Makkar ‘21
    • Chester Volunteer Council, Yi Wei ‘21


Economic Development Lang Center Associate

Lamia-Emilie Makkar '21

Lang Center Associate for Economic Development