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Connect with Ethics & Human Rights

Key Faculty & Staff

  • Emily Paddon-Rhoads, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Krista Tomasson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Sangina Patnaik, Assistant Professor of English Literature
  • Keith Reeves, Associate Professor of Political Science and Department Chair
  • Nanci Buiza, Associate Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies, Coordinator for Latin American and Latino Studies Program
  • Nina Johnson, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Edwin Mayorga, Associate Professor of Education, Latin American and Latino Studies 
  • Lee Smithey, Associate Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies 
  • Amy Kapit, Visiting Assistant Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies

Student Groups

Lang Center Associates in Ethics & Human Rights

Aqua Withers Carello '25

Aqua Withers Carello '25

Ethics & Human Rights

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