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Ask a Swattie

student on parrish porch

Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student? We encourage you to reach out to these Swatties ​to hear about their experiences. Prospective transfer students can find Swarthmore students who transferred from another school on our Ask a Transfer Swattie page.


Oswaldo Morales Solorzano

Oswaldo Morales Solorzano '21 is from Reno, NV. He is majoring in Engineering & Environmental Studies. Outside of the classroom, Oswaldo is a President's Sustainability Research Fellow, plays the bass clarinet for wind ensemble, serves as President of Swatties for Immigrants Rights, acts in the improv comedy group Vertigo-Go, and works in student theater productions. “I am a first generation, low-income student. I am also a DACA recipient so I can answer any questions about undocumented/DACA resources at Swarthmore. I can also speak a lot to the engineering department at Swat.” You can connect with Oswaldo at:

Ramiro Hernandez

Ramiro Hernandez ‘23 is from Hidalgo, TX. He intends to double special major in Peace and Conflict Studies, Educational Studies, and Medical Anthropology. He is involved with the QuestBridge network, ENLACE, the Swarthmore Queer Union, the Petey Greene Program, and Swarthmore's Student Government Organization. “Always happy to share my experience navigating Swarthmore as a first-gen, low-income student." You can connect with Ramiro at

Shaadiin King

Shaadiin King ‘22 is from Rio Rancho, NM. She is a Prospective Double Major in Educational Studies and Chemistry. At Swarthmore she is involved with many activities on campus including SISA, Dare2Soar, Salsa Club, Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program and is a Tour Guide. “I would like to study abroad but I don’t know when or where. I am Navajo and I came into the College as an Engineering major so I can share my experience in that.” You can connect with Shaadiin at

Patrick Li ‘23

Patrick Li ‘23 is from Berwyn, PA. He is a prospective special major in Black Studies and Education and Spanish. He serves as the first-year representative for the Title IX Office, is involved with fencing, chamber music, plays french horn in an orchestra and will try to study abroad in the spring of 2022 in Spain. “I am also premed and affiliated with the List Gallery. Talk to me about art!” Patrick can be reached at

Skylar Thoma ‘21

Skylar Thoma ‘21 is from Oakland, CA. He is doing a special major in Education & Political Science and Computer Science. Outside of schoolwork he is in the Psi Phi science fiction and fantasy club, does student theater, kickboxing, and supports local Youth Courts. Skylar studied abroad in South Africa during the Spring 2020 semester and would love to talk about his experience. You can connect with Skylar at

Omar Saleh

Omar Saleh '22 is from Bchamoun, Lebanon. He is double majoring in Chemistry and Dance and is on the Pre-Med track. On campus, he is a chemistry student research assistant in the Graves Lab; a chemistry, physics, and Arabic TA and tutor; a Dare2Soar tutor; a library assistant; and a tour guide. Omar is also on the executive board of Swarthmore's chapter of Doctors without Borders, and the Pride Planning Committee. He also just started a Drag Club on campus.  “Additionally, I do a lot of ballet and theater on campus and am a first generation, low income international student from Lebanon." You can reach Omar at:

Janet Barkdoll

Janet Barkdoll '22 is from Shoreham, VT. She is pursuing an honors major in Mathematics, with a course major and honors minor in Studio Art. Beyond academics, Janet serves on the board of Women+ in Mathematics and Statistics student organization, works as a gardener on campus, and helped welcome new Swatties to campus as a member of the Orientation Committee this past fall. “I am from a rural, agricultural background and community and have experience navigating student support services and the Worth Health Center at Swarthmore. If you have questions, I am happy to share my experiences.” Her email address is:

David Amadeus Melo

David Amadeus Melo '21 is from The Bronx, NY. He is a doing a special major in Educational Studies and Computer Science, and majoring in Theater. Outside of the classroom, David serves as Co-President of ENLACE (Swarthmore’s Latinx/Hispanic student organization) and Secretary for Rhythm N’ Motion (a tri-college dance company that includes students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges). He also works in the Admissions Office, and participates in many on-campus productions. His email address is:

Ashley Pyon

Ashley Pyon '22 is from Garnet Valley, PA. She is currently undecided in her major, but has so far been exploring her many academic interests, including Mathematics and Psychology. Ashley is a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team and several clubs on campus: Garnet Go Green (an organization for sustainability in athletics), UNICEF, and HAN (Swarthmore’s Korean culture club). Her email address is:

Daniel Quintans

Daniel Quintans '21 is from Havana, Cuba. He is pursuing a double-major in Engineering and Computer Science. Says Daniel: "I am the first in my family to leave Cuba and attend college in another country. I have been very involved with the performing arts on campus, which says a lot about the liberal arts experience, considering my major interests. I also appreciate that Swarthmore has allowed me to participate in and create my own stage performances (he coordinated and directed two student group showcases in 2019)." Daniel is a Stage Manager at Swarthmore and works on campus in the Admissions Office as a Multicultural Recruitment Intern. He is happy to answer questions in English or Spanish; his email address is

Josephine Ross

Josephine Ross '21 is from Excelsior, MN. She is a prospective double-major in Theater and a special major in Educational Studies and English Literature, and is pursuing Honors. "Outside of academics, I participate in both department- and student-led productions and serve as the Co-Coordinator of Drama Board, a student-led executive board that oversees the selection and production of on-campus shows and festivals." Josephine also sings in several music groups—including the Fetter Chamber Music group, student and faculty Chorus, and the Garnet Singers—and is involved in improvisational and stand-up comedy clubs at Swarthmore. Her email address is:

Norika Saah

Norika Saah '22 is from Havre de Grace, MD. She is an Economics major and French minor. "Aside from academics, I enjoy spending my free time dancing or hanging out in the Black Cultural Center — I'm an avid dancer and treasurer of the Swarthmore African Student Association." Norika is also a student leader for the Title IX Office and Outreach Coordinator for the dance group Sankofa. Her email address is

Lucia Navarro

Lucia Navarro ‘23 is from Houston, TX. She is considering majoring in Educational Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Sociology, and/or Psychology. She a member of ENLACE (Swarthmore’s Latinx/Hispanic student organization), Swatties for Immigrant Rights, and the Student Queer Union. “I am a First-generation, low-income student (FLI) and am happy to answer any questions on my experience.” Lucia's email address is

Ariana Yett

Ariana Yett ‘21 is from Santa Monica, CA. She is an Honors Major in Anthropology and Course Major in Chemistry. Outside of academics, she fences épée with the Swarthmore Fencing Club, sings in the college chorus, serves as a resident advisor (RA), and is a teaching assistant in the Chemistry department. “I am a third culture kid (I was born in Santa Monica, CA, but grew up outside of the U.S.) and am happy to share my experiences adjusting to U.S. life.” You can get in touch with Ariana at

Nadia Mansoor

Nadia Mansoor ‘21 is from Charlotte, NC. She is double majoring in Biology and Psychology. Nadia currently serves as a hosting intern for the Admissions Office and works in Swarthmore's electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP) lab as a psycholinguistics researcher. She studied abroad in the Fall of 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. “I'm the first in my family to attend college. I'm also pre-med and would love to talk about completing pre-med requirements at a liberal arts college.” Her email is

Kina Nichols

Kina Nichols ‘23 is from Salem, NJ. She is a prospective Psychology major and Educational Studies minor. Around Swarthmore, Kina is involved with Women’s rugby, as well as the Swarthmore Summer Scholars Program, Evans Scholars student group, and Swat FLI (First-Generation/Low-Income) Program. “When things get tough, just remember that you don’t have to go through it alone. There are plenty of individuals on campus that care about you and will do anything they can to help you.” Kina’s email is

Jorge Lopez-Nava

Jorge Lopez-Nava ‘23 is from Salisbury, NC. He is a prospective Mathematics major and Chemistry or Computer Science minor. At Swarthmore, he participates in ENLACE (a Latinx/Hispanic student organization), Swarthmore Queer Union, the Outdoors Club, and does biology and mathematics research. He also serves as QuestBridge Treasurer, oSTEM Treasurer, and a Student Academic Mentor. “Welcome to Swat! I am a first-generation, low-income student who applied to Swarthmore through the QuestBridge program. I would be more than happy to talk more about any of my experiences since coming to Swat!”” You can reach Jorge at

Andrew Harsh

Andrew Harsh ‘23 is from New York, NY. He is a prospective Mathematics, Educational Studies and Greek or Latin major. He is involved in Swarthmore's Jazz Ensemble and Fetter Chamber Music Program, and serves as manager for the no. 1 nationally-ranked Men’s Basketball program. Andrew's email address is

Jacqueline Acunto

Jacqueline Acunto ‘23 is from Wyckoff, NJ. She is a prospective double-major in Theater and Economics. On campus, Jacqueline is involved with the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship, works various part-time jobs, and dances (mainly ballet). “Although I’m not pursuing a degree in dance, I’ve been very involved in the dance department and concerts, so I can definitely answer questions for anyone who is interested in that." Her email address is

Maya Plotnick

Maya Plotnick ‘22 is from Chicago, IL. She is majoring in Educational Studies and Music. Outside of the classroom she is involved with Grapevine (Swarthmore's female a capella group), Kehilah (the Jewish student organization), and the Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial arts) club and is planning to abroad during the Spring 2021 semester. “I'm happy to answer any Swat-related questions, especially ones about the Music and/or Educational Studies programs. My two instruments are piano and voice, but my focus in college is voice. I also love martial arts - I'm a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo!” You can reach her at

Sarah Berns-Zieve

Sarah Berns-Zieve ‘23 is from Baltimore, MD. She is undecided on her major, but plans to study within the Humanities, including Dance. She is involved with the Swarthmore Dance Collective and plans to study abroad. “I went to an arts high school without sports, so I come from a different culture than Swat and can talk about those differences.” You can learn more from Sarah at

Paris Shan

Paris Shan ‘23 is from Vancouver, Canada. She is a prospective double-major in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Politics. She serves as a Leadership Fellow for the Center for Innovation and Leadership, tour guide, and SwatLife blogger, and is a member of the squash and tennis clubs. “I am very involved in the international students community and would be happy to share more about what it is like to be an international student studying in the U.S.” Connect with Paris at

Mikayla Purnell

Mikayla Purnell ‘22 is from Newark, DE. She is majoring in Black Studies and Economics. Outside of academics she is involved with the Swarthmore African American Students Society, Up to Us Fiscal Policy, Redefine Her Street (Swarthmore's mentorship group for women interested in pursuing careers in business), serves with the Diversity Peer Advisors, and is a member of the OASiS spoken word poetry club. “I plan to do a comparative program the fall of my junior year which will go to Senegal, France, Brazil, and D.C. I love talking to people about Delaware! I also am very much in the know about black student life, and ways to really leverage resources on campus.” Learn more from Mikayla at

Dan Pantini

Dan Pantini ‘22 is from Newport, RI. He is an Honors History major and Honors Religion minor. Around campus, Dan is involved with several programs, including Sync Up for Zero Waste, the Green Advisors, Voices (a student-run media publication), and the Swarthmore History department. He is also considering interning this summer with the Nationalities Services Center in Philadelphia's refugee resettlement unit. Last summer, Dan interned for the Consumer Protection Division of Rhode Island's Attorney General Office, and took first-year Mandarin classes. He was a member of the Swarthmore Israel-Palestine winter break trip, and is planning to go to American University of Beirut in Lebanon during his junior year. “I am a first-generation student, studying the humanities and pursuing Honors. Please feel free to ask any questions about Swat classes, dorms, majors, or student life.” You can reach Dan at

Emma Dulski

Emma Dulski ‘22 is from Palo Alto, CA. She is studying Peace and Conflict Studies and Dance. Around campus, she is a part of Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and is doing an engaged scholarship project building a curriculum about environmental justice for an after-school program in nearby Chester, PA. She is planning to study abroad next fall in Chile, Nepal, and Jordan. Emma's email address is

Elena Lee

Elena Lee ‘23 is from Portland, OR. She is a prospective Astrophysics major, considering a minor in Greek Philosophy. She is involved with the club fencing team, Swarthmore's archery club, the Quizbowl team; works as a McCabe Library reserve assistant and Scott Arboretum garden assistant; and researches exoplanets with Swarthmore professors at the Peter van de Kamp Observatory. “I am happy to talk about my experience studying a mixture of humanities and natural sciences— or anything at all, of course.” You can connect with Elena at