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Ask a Swattie

student on parrish porch

Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student? We encourage you to reach out to these students ​to hear about their experiences. 


Edward Tranter

Edward Tranter '22 is from Cambridge, England. He is working towards a special major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as a second major in Peace & Conflict Studies. “When I'm not in class, I spend my time being the operations manager for i20, the international students club (and the largest club on campus). I am also a proud member of the Swarthmore International Relations club, and as a financially aided international student, I know all about transitioning into college life. Please email me if I can help in any way!" His email address is:

Tara Cannon

Tara Cannon ‘20 is from Milton, DE. She is a special major in Medical Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. "Being from a fairly small and rural part of Southern Delaware, I pretty much knew most people from both my town and the neighboring towns, and they knew who I was. While I feel like transitioning to Swarthmore was basically like moving to yet another small community, at first, nobody here knew me, and in a lot of ways, this was both exciting and terrifying. I felt as though I could grow as a person independently, but no longer had the comfort of familiarity with those around me. Swarthmore has allowed me to realize who I am and how I can help my community both on and off campus." Outside the classroom, Tara is a Green Advisor, a member of the Title IX student team, and is on the Women's Lacrosse team. Her email address is:

Josephine Ross

Josephine Ross '21 is from Excelsior, MN. She is a prospective double-major in Theater and a special program in Educational Studies and English Literature, and is pursuing Honors. "Outside of academics, I participate in both department- and student-led productions and serve as the Co-Coordinator of Drama Board, a student-led executive board that oversees the selection and production of on-campus shows and festivals." Josephine also sings in several music groups—including the Fetter Chamber Music group, student and faculty Chorus, and the Garnet Singers—and is involved in improvisational and stand-up comedy clubs at Swarthmore. Her email address is:

Erick-Stephane Stancofski

Erik Stancofski '21 is from Lewes, DE. His major is currently undecided, but he plans to pursue pre-med, and study either Spanish or Arabic as a minor. "Coming from a smaller community to Swarthmore isn't much of a change because I'm used to knowing most of the people in my town, and after a certain amount of time at Swarthmore, you will get to know most of the students and faculty here. It's a very close-knit community, similar to my hometown of Lewes, DE." Outside the classroom, Erik is a member of the Swarthmore Health Society and the Men's Lacrosse team. His email address is: