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Ask a Swattie

student on parrish porch

Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student? We encourage you to reach out to these students ​to hear about their experiences. 


Edward Tranter

Edward Tranter '22 is from Cambridge, England. He is working towards a special major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as a second major in Peace & Conflict Studies. “When I'm not in class, I spend my time being the operations manager for i20, the international students club (and the largest club on campus). I am also a proud member of the Swarthmore International Relations club, and as a financially aided international student, I know all about transitioning into college life. Please email me if I can help in any way!" His email address is:

Tiauna Lewis

Tiauna Lewis ‘19 is from Lincoln, NE. She is a History Major and Black Studies/Religion Minor. “I am a QuestBridge scholar and a Mellon Mays Fellow. My primary interest is African-American women's history. I am a librarian at the McCabe Library and an office assistant for Career Services. I participate in OASIS, our spoken word collective, as well as Swarthmore's Gospel choir. I am constantly reflecting on life as a first-generation college student, low-income, person of color here at Swarthmore, a place I love and care deeply about.” Her email address is:

Celine Anderson

Celine Anderson ‘19 is from Roanoke, VA. She is a Sociology & Anthropology major and a History minor. “When I'm not in class, I spend my time running SSUCC, the Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club and participating in the board for WOCKA (Women of Color Keep Achieving). I am also a proud member of AMENA (Arab, Middle Eastern, North African Students Organization) as well as SASS (Swarthmore African American Student Society). Shoot me an email if you have any questions about anything at all!” Her email address is:

Guillermo Barreto Corona

Guillermo Barreto Corona ‘19 is from Bellevue, WA. He is a double major in Biology and Computer Science. “I had the opportunity to work in the Biology department on research about the functions of novel proteins in sea anemone. Outside of class and research I create art in forms of drawing and photography. I’m on the board of Swarthmore Organization of Low-Income Students (SOLIS), am a Diversity Peer Advisor, and am a member of a lot of other groups in the Intercultural Center. Doing research within the Biology Department and presenting it here and at conferences has allowed me to discover a passion in Computational Biology, which I will hopefully pursue in graduate school at some point in my life.” His email address is:

Tara Cannon

Tara Cannon ‘20 is from Milton, DE. She is a special major in Medical Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. "Being from a fairly small and rural part of Southern Delaware, I pretty much knew most people from both my town and the neighboring towns, and they knew who I was. While I feel like transitioning to Swarthmore was basically like moving to yet another small community, at first, nobody here knew me, and in a lot of ways, this was both exciting and terrifying. I felt as though I could grow as a person independently, but no longer had the comfort of familiarity with those around me. Swarthmore has allowed me to realize who I am and how I can help my community both on and off campus." Outside the classroom, Tara is a Green Advisor, a member of the Title IX student team, and is on the Women's Lacrosse team. Her email address is:

Gil Guerra

Gil Guerra ‘19 grew up in Mississippi and Wisconsin. He is an honors Political Science major and Philosophy minor and spent a semester in Northern Ireland studying conflict and security. On campus he works as an Admissions Fellow, has served as President of the Swarthmore Conservative Society, and is active in Catholic life. His email address is:

Rachel Hilburn

Rachel Hilburn ’19 is from Houston, TX. She is an Engineering major. “ I am an Engineering major interested in many disciplines of engineering and I work as a homework grader for the department. On my residence hall I am a Sexual Health Advocate (SHA) aiming to provide materials and advocate for safe and healthy relationships. I am a member of the Swarthmore Track & Field team primarily as a long and triple jumper. I am also interested in art and have focused on ceramics while at Swarthmore. My sophomore year I became involved with the Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club (SSUCC) scheduling shows and performing on campus. Feel free to email about anything and everything!” Her email address is:  

Ricky Conti

Ricky Conti '19 is from Claremont, CA. He is a double major in Mathematics and Economics interested in sports business. "I am a pitcher on Swarthmore's Baseball team, which is coming off the best season in school history and its first College World Series appearance! I also serve as a Student Academic Mentor, helping to provide students across campus with academic support. I write sports articles for The Phoenix newspaper, work for the Athletics Communications Office, and play intramural soccer. I am a member of the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship, as well as the Swarthmore Conservative Society. This semester, I will be continuing an internship with an amateur baseball scouting company and managing my own minor league scouting blog." His email address is:

Josephine Ross

Josephine Ross '21 is from Excelsior, MN. She is a prospective double-major in Theater and a special program in Educational Studies and English Literature, and is pursuing Honors. "Outside of academics, I participate in both department- and student-led productions and serve as the Co-Coordinator of Drama Board, a student-led executive board that oversees the selection and production of on-campus shows and festivals." Josephine also sings in several music groups—including the Fetter Chamber Music group, student and faculty Chorus, and the Garnet Singers—and is involved in improvisational and stand-up comedy clubs at Swarthmore. Her email address is:

Erick-Stephane Stancofski

Erik Stancofski '21 is from Lewes, DE. His major is currently undecided, but he plans to pursue pre-med, and study either Spanish or Arabic as a minor. "Coming from a smaller community to Swarthmore isn't much of a change because I'm used to knowing most of the people in my town, and after a certain amount of time at Swarthmore, you will get to know most of the students and faculty here. It's a very close-knit community, similar to my hometown of Lewes, DE." Outside the classroom, Erik is a member of the Swarthmore Health Society and the Men's Lacrosse team. His email address is: