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Ask a Transfer Swattie

Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student who transferred from another school? We encourage you to contact a student.

Esther Couch

Esther Couch ’21 is from New York City. She is pursuing a double-major in English Literature and Spanish. “I transferred to Swarthmore as a Sophomore from a much larger institution; I was looking for an undergraduate experience where I’d receive individual attention in a smaller community,” she says. Outside of academics at Swat, Esther serves as the editor for Small Craft Warnings (Swarthmore’s literary magazine) and is a member of the Warmothers (the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team) and the English liaison committee. Previously, she was a writer and Arts Editor for Swarthmore’s weekly newspaper, The Phoenix. “Outside of activities at Swarthmore, I am a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar! Feel free to ask any questions; I’m happy to talk about my experiences as a Swattie.” Her email address is:

Matt Villeneuve

Matt Villeneuve ’21 transferred to Swarthmore from Valencia College in Orlando, FL. Matt is an Honors Philosophy Major and Honors Political Science minor. Matt serves as a Student Academic Mentor (SAM) and this past summer interned the for the District Attorney of Philadelphia Larry Krasner where he learned about the office’s efforts to reform the criminal justice system. Matt can be reached by email at

Richard Tian

Richard Tian ’22 is from Hartford County, Connecticut, but was born in Toronto, Ontario. He transferred from the University of Hartford, where he studied business in his first year of college. Richard is pursuing a special major in Computer Science and Educational Studies. His particular areas of interest are ethics in technology, the social benefit of computer science, computer science education, and boys' education. In his free time, Richard enjoys exploring the numerous places in the greater Philadelphia area and reading young adult novels. Feel free to contact Richard at with any questions you have! 

Sam Abdushukurov

Sam Abdushukurov ’21 is from Brooklyn, New York City. He transferred from CUNY LaGuardia Community College. At Swarthmore he is pursuing a Special Major in Psychology and Educational studies. He actively participates in Motherpucker's hockey practices, volunteers as an Income Tax Assistant at Pathways (non-profit organization), and hopefully will be the president of Transfer Student Organization soon. He is also a Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholar and America Needs You Fellow! You can contact him at